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Cute Escape

Posted in Uncategorized on August 18, 2009 by darcyarts

KittyAh, That’s better. Soothe my jangled nerves lil’ kitty.

It’s been a few days since I posted anything here. I focused all my energy on getting my hats onto Etsy this weekend.

I spent the last few days catching up on chimp production and then a lovely Etsian ordered one of my little pink whales.

I made a really beautiful flower for the whales big round head.

This morning I stopped at the Farmer’s Market. I bought beautiful¬† flowers.

FlowersI also bought fresh tamales and green chili sauce. It made a great breakfast.

Why do I need to pamper myself today?

Tomorrow is my phone interview with the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board. I had to read through the materials the Record Searchlight sent to the board.

One last time I’m reliving the mess that marked the end of my career in journalism.

I admit I was glad to see a few bald face lies in the documents.

My supervisor was supposed to have another supervisor with us when we had these proposed meetings. She did not do so in our contentious first meeting, which is as far as we got, and then she lied about having the managing editor in attendance. I didn’t know until today that the HR person had suggested she have a third party there.

It would have made me feel alot better about the whole game had I known that was an option. It was all her assumption all the time about what I did on the day she wasn’t never at the paper.

I felt the fix was is and I wasn’t willing to spend one more second taking her snotty, condescending, disrespectful attitude.

After tomorrow I will never have to think about it again.

A celebration is in order. I started early.