Head, Day Two

DIYHeadFormBThis is my DIY head form. My first papier mache project. I’d already had the chicken wire base made, the head and shoulders and yesterday I began slapping on strips of paper and pages of last years telephone book.

Today I added a second layer to shape the head. I made lips and ears, a chin and a forehead. I used recycled box packaging, stripped of it’s slick printed outside layer.

I made the head slightly larger and smoothed out elements of the face.

The head is drying out in the 100 degree weather. Summer is a good season for papier mache.

Next I gesso it, I guess, and then paint and polish it. I’ll have fun creating a face for the hat display head. Should I, can I make it androgynous?

I may have it done in the time it would have taken for a mail order head to arrive.

DIYHeadFormA I started a new book this week. It’s an autobiography of Thomas Beatie, who became famous for being the first(?)  female to male transsexual to undertake a pregnancy.

I had seen Thomas and his wife Nancy on Oprah. They seemd like really bright, good people.

As I read the sad story of Thomas’ childhood I am amazed and impressed by just how kind and mellow a person he is. His dad was a beast.

Reading his recollections of crazy intermittent abuse and the loss of his mother when he was 12 years old was very sad.


Sad and sickening, actually. I don’t understand how humans can be mean to children. I admire the way Thomas was eventually able to shape his life in such a positive way and find a loving partner. I’ll keep reading.

Can anybody feel my pain over the new season of LA Ink. It is a reality series that I really love but I can’t understand the Aubry Drama “plot” this season. It’s a big fat drag and mostly because it seems soo very manufactured. I know reality TV is entertainement. I know in some places it’s crude, rude and creepy but dang this didn’t used to be one of those places.

What happened?

Does anybody care? I never find intersting bloggy reviews of this show. Somebody help me out.

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