Weekend Head Update

Friday, I applied more  layers of paper onto my DIY head form. I used pages from last year’s telephone book, thin boxes from crackers, cereal, etc, and finished it off with nice white printer paper I once knicked from the Record Searchlight recycle bins.


My impatience shows in this face I have created. I didn’t work the papier mache until I’d smoothed the surface. My head is very craggy and rough.

It may not be too noticeable from the distance required to have my hats in the photo. In these photos I was close up on the head.

HeadFormOmCapAThis head started out very German Expressionist. I was feeling a George Grosz vibe in the beginning. The eyes and the pink softened it.

Now, I think it looks like Marilyn Manson.

This is a really interesting painting by George Grosz.

His work is often focused on the seedier elements of urban life.

I dig the anchor tattoo on this guys bald head. I can’t really tell what else in on his head.

The skinny red tire is cool, too.

The man appears to have on lipstick but I think that is the artist’s touch.

Marilyn Manson wears lipstick well.

I love Marilyn Manson’s face. He has a nice big nose and great lips.

When he doesn’t have those contacts on his eyes you can clearly see a lot of kindness in his warm hazel eyes. That’s what won me over.

Tenderness. I believe I see tenderness in those eyes. I know he loves dogs. He just took on a strange personae for his rock thing.

I would love to do a book of glamour shots of Marilyn and contacts would be forbidden. So would grimaces. He would have to lay back and look enchanting and calmly sensual. Damn, I wish I could really do that project.

Marilyn Manson, dude, can you hear me?

Oh, yes, and Marilyn Manson is most definitely an artist.


2 Responses to “Weekend Head Update”

  1. Rolanda Says:

    I thought I was the only person (who doesn’t him know him personally or hasnt met him before) thinks Marilyn Manson has a beautiful face. His eyes are the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen on a man. His Eastern European features are unique and very unappreciated. His hazel eyes make blues look dull. Too to mention his style in clothes and his tall slender frame and broad shoulders! It doesnt get more elegant than that!

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