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Iggy Hat and Dumbledore

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I got the printed silkscreen print of Iggy on to a cap.

IggyCLLooks good. These caps are so soft and warm. If you are in need of head gear for the fall/winter try one.

All the things I’ve been working on will be in the DarcyArts shop on Etsy this Saturday morning!

I’ve been working my buns off and I’m thrilled with the things I’ve created. Lots of ideas for new hats and caps are brimming in my head.

Okay, I just had a major shock.

I googled Darcyarts on etsy and the first listing was for an Etsy shop named Darcyart. She started her shop four days after I started mine in January 2008. Is this good or bad?

I’ll think about the positive aspects.

She’s in Connecticut, a graphic designer. I think I like her. She’s a Pisces and looks really cute in her avatar pic.

Back to the hats.

I’ve got nearly half the  hats and caps listed but in suspended animation over at Etsy. I’ll chip away at creating my listings on breaks from Chimp cWhiteStarFullonstruction.

I placed careful stitches in this white cap to anchor the rainbow yarn onto the body over the stars.

I want to try more elaborate yarn decor in the future, drawing on the Mexican, Mayan, Huichol Art that inspires me.

Those designs will be more time consuming so I mayhave to put them off until next year. I’m thinking positive and imagining that I willbe really busy creating the caps set to hatch next week end.

This little medieval looking pleated cap is cute. I’ve done the original in denim but it would be nice in a softer material. Renaissance Faire peeps, hit me. I do custom orders.

HatsFall 086I like this olden cap thing. I spend much time in Harry Potter flicks hypnotized by Dumbledore’s caps! I just love the texture and color and the little sparkly elements!

I will make my versions as soon as I can get to it. Will anyone wear them?

That brings me to another topic.

I am finding myself a real would-be champion of hat wear. What can I do to convince people to take up the cap? Not just on the rare occassion but everyday that the weather permits.

I want people to love hats.

Dumbledore has quite a few versions of his wizardy skull cap.

Engineered by some sweet hands, all.

I loved this extravaganza, too. I think I love Luna.

her eyes are dreamy.

DarcyArts Hat Preview

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It’s been deliciously cool for August in Redding. The last few days were a gift to my senses.

Also cool, is the fact that I am working toward meeting the goals I’ve set for the coming weeks.

I’m getting the hats photographed for listing them in the DarcyArts shop.

They will be in the shop next weekend!!

HatsFall 001

August 15th is the premiere date for my line of super comfy, warm and snuggly hats and caps.

HatsFall 010I am working with texture and image to create a unique offering of head gear.

HatsFall 022I’ll have the framed image caps and a the rainbow bill caps and pillbox caps.

RainbowHats 002I tend to make things in bold colors though I’ll have some more sedate things as well.

The moss green caps are really sweet.

I added a little streamer and floral element to the moss green cloche hat.

MossGreenClocheSideMossGreenCapThe moss -colored cap with the striped band is my favorite. I’ll wear one this fall, for sure.

It’s really thrilling to visit the thrift shops these days. I’ve got my eye set on rich colors, textures and really fine materials that are unique. I can visualize how they will be combined to bring off something that you won’t find anywhere else.

I’ve got a closet full of wonderful things to thrill hat lovers.

Treat you head right! Keep it warm this winter. Stop by DarcyArts August 15th!

Weekend Makes

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I couldn’t help myself. When a monkey is coming into being it has it’s own ideas abouthow it will look.

SoftMonkeyFullThis guy demanded to show a little tongue. He needed it, I think, to balance out his wild, eager eyes.

He’s off to Indiana to be a birthday surprise for a little tyke.

I made a tiny birthday card to accompany him. He’s wearing my DarcyArts tag. Some have hearts. Some have stars.

SoftMonkeyTagI was so happy to have him finished. I hope he makes it to the midwest in time for the monkey themed party.

The cost for shipping him priority mail would have been $31. I had to go parcel post. It may take a week.

I pray the recipients made the purchase in plenty of time.

SoftMonkeySideUnlike the now standard DarcyArts Chimps for Mail Chimp this guy is made of super soft stretchy fleece. Good for young’ens.

I had a lot of plush critter making to do this weekend.

I made a pink and black girly squid, an Albi-like dragon and a heavyduty catnip squid.

HeavyDutySquid1The heavy duty squid was designed for a woman whose cats could really put the hurt on a cat toy. I made the first one last year I think and have featured in the store ever since.

It measure about twenty inches in length.

The red lining on the tentacles were the idea of the woman  for whom I  made the first custom squid.

Good idea!

This is the second order of the heavy duty squid for Etsian FabFurs! I love return customers!

HeavyDutySquidEYesBlurMy photo lamps need some adjusting. Between the red backdrop, the slighty shiny black material and the white of the eyes my camera was tripping.

HeavyDutySquidMedSideI need to take the digital camera class at Shasta College sometime or read up how-tos on the ‘puter.

I’ve still got a dragon, a rocket, 10 chimps and lots of groovy hats to hatch.

It is such a wonderful feeling to have work to do.

I’m going to burrow in the DarcyArts studio for the next two weeks and work my tail off.

Bar the door, Giuseppe.

MarcBolanWindowHere’s a nice late evening window shot.


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The DarcyArts shop over at Etsy had a wild weekend. I have been stitching stuffed critters like a madwoman for days.

I like to get order out as quickly as possible and do if it keeps me up late into the night.

MonkeyFull3.5Frank is returning to school in a few weeks, I am trying to keep up with chimp production and make the sweetest warm hats for the late August premiere of my millinery effort.

RedwPurpStarHatsThe convergence of all these elements this late summer is really exciting. At the same time, I can clearly see the path before me and there is little room for wandering.

Gotta keep my feet on the path. It’s going to be a busy fall and winter.

The Sun will be drifting into Virgo about the time I add the head gear to my shop. The astrological sign Virgo allows me to have a more precise hand at my task and a little extra energy and focus on projects.

By Halloween, Saturn, which has also been in Virgo, will enter Libra. Libra rules my fifth house of creativity. Saturn is the stern task master that insists you develop skills and get serious about your accomplishments, apprenticeships (is that a word?).

I will greatly appreciate the help. It will be the second Saturn Return for Frank and me. Should be interesting. We are in a good place.

This is an article about the first Saturn Return. One has it about the age of 30 but you can see it’s effect with all those creative people who failed to negotiate that territory about the age of 27.

This article deals with the second Saturn return.

Alright, back to work.

Rusty Star

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The moon was in Scorpio. I was feeling the intensity in my creative flow. I readied myself to run errands. After a quick glance in the mirror at my now copper colored hair, my brown-red beads and my big bare arms I felt something was missing. I needed a tattoo.

My attitude toward them has varied. My father had a bunch of really ugly jailhouse markings. Yuck. My sister had a nice commemorative tat done in a fancy script — Michael Por Vida. She chose to brand herself with name of the father of her children. That wasn’t for me.

A former college newspaper editor and true rocker, had a slew of tattoo. A willing victim of his brothers desire to take up the skin art, his tats were a bit rough. I admired the shit out of him. He was after it.

I really began to see tattoo artists doing fine work thanks to TLC’s LA Ink. Kat von D is not a celebrity just because she’s sexy, smart and driven. She is a master portrait artist. She is a master of shading. Hannah Aitchison and Kim Saigh rocked color in an amazing way.

Hannah’s brother Guy Aitchison, along with his partner, Michele Wortman, has tread new paths in tattoo art. Shawn Barber is using his painting skills to make  a smooth transition to skin art. Painter Michael Hussar’s work, featured on LA Ink in one of the earlier segments boggles the mind.

I have seen much good art through LA Ink. As my enthusiasm for the art swelled in my breast I did not rush out and get a tattoo. Trends come and go. I think the ancient art of the tattoo had successfully and unalterably permeated the mainstream. That is not why I decided, last week, to take the plunge.

I have always felt that my arms are too big. I’ve kept them covered when out in public. Here in Redding, the summer heat makes that nearly impossible. I finally got to the point where I just can’t worry about this perceived imperfection another minute. That day last week I looked in the mirror, felt good about myself and thought “I need to see color right in the middle of my arm.” Ah, but what form should it take. I am far too fickle. My inability to commit to a permanent message, image or  symbol has kept me from getting permanent body art.

I have a tendency to over decorate my surroundings. I’m always cramming in more, filling every space. When it comes to garments, though, I can barely tolerate any sort of patterned material.  Anything too bright or  busy is distracting and irritating. I like it plain and preferably earth toned.

Though I have a Rococo heart I knew I couldn’t go for anything too ornate.

I love Bernini’s The  Ecstacy of St. Teresa (photo from giancarletto’s flickr stream). I love the radiant lines.

I’m a dork. I love hearts and stars.

I was not going to get a heart tattoo but a star, a symbol that brings to my mind the relativity of time and space, a symbol of the place where the physical and metaphysical worlds meet, was good for me.

Tattoo2I wanted red but a rusty red in celebration of the decision to once again color my hair. The gray hair, though perfectly nice and attractive, was just too wan.

Yes,  my vital energy is fading. I am moving into the olderly stage of life but color is my irresistible mistress. I must have her.

As my dear friend Patti used to say “Wild women never die they just dye their hair.”

Starday3Now, I’ll admit, I moved impulsively. I went down to Nathan’s because I had seen the work of one of their artists on that clerk at JoAnn’s. I didn’t choose my artist carefully or make an appointment.

I’d seen photos at the Shasta Arts Council of tattoo art from Nathan’s.

The galleries were down on the Nathan’s website when I went to look. They still are. That’s pretty lame and unprofessional. I went anyway determined to get color.

I walked into Nathan’s on a weekday. It was about 1 p.m. so I guess people could have been at lunch.

“Be with you in a second,” said a disembodied voice from a back room.

Eventually, the low man on the totem pole greeted me. He was able to give me basic info about how much the tattoo I envisioned would cost and whether or not I needed an appointment.

He said he’s be doing the tattoo. I liked his vibe. It was far less virulently macho than the guy who kept going out to stand in front of the shop, to smoke, to show off, the one that kept loading up the bros-ova-hos music selection.

The aggressive, misogynist rap, created an eat-this-dirt-sandwich, bitch vibe. The shop had lots of plants. That’s good. Lots of buddha like figures. Good. Comfortable chairs that allowed one to rock out to the music. They were bouncy and the sounds did have a good rhythmic element.

Wen I finally went in for my first tattoo the artist apologized for the “music”. As the experience was nearing it’s end a female employee came in and stood behind the counter. Is she an artist, apprentice? I won’t assume either way but I doubt that would happen at Nathan’s.Please, correct me if I’m wrong, boys.

I’d been in two other tattoo shops in in Redding. All male, lots of attitude.The only girls were the dolled up fake-titted girlfriends of the the tattoo slinging dudes.

I didn’t mean to spend so much time on gender bias or critiquing the atmosphere at Nathan’s but I think a real nice uber woman tattoo shop is just what Redding needs.♥ Come on, girls. Anybody up for making that happen?