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Benefactors, Zombies, Draculas, Werewolves

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I believe I must now refer to Mail Chimp as my dear benefactor.

I am to render the next six chimps in Halloween costume! Two Dracula, two Werewolf and two brain-eating Zombie will leave the DarcyArts workshop mid-October.

I have been readying chimps parts since our late summer company departed and so I am able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Zombie superhero toys. Nice. From

Dracula is superbly simple:

Black and white. Fuck those southern white trash zombies.

I will make removable masks, glasses, etc. for the chimps.

Mail Chimp’s name is Freddie!

Freddie must be recognizable as the Mail Chimp icon so that is part of it, the obvious facade.

Dude, I’m so there.

Today I do a bit of thrift store combing and halloween accessory hunting. What fun.

I think I picked up arcane language usage when young by  steeping myself in the cinema of the 30s. Rather.

Could you hear the butler saying that word nearly under his breath?

Classic werewolf illustration from BigTimeAttic

Keep your eyes peeled. You’ll see my progress on the Halloween promotional chimp project as I pull the critters out of the ether.

FeetGlareHandsThumbsPrimate limbs are taking over the kitchen work space.


By all means, stay tuned.

Afro Marla and the Juggler

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I think I’ve mentioned that my headform is named Marla.

Marla has cheered me up through my slow confrontations with the truth. She deserves fresh looks and so this morning, while I was supposed to be working I gave into an impulse to hit the thrift store. I found a nice afro wig and it looks smashing on Marla.

MarlaAfroSideAShe has a certain gravitas here, no? In that, she reflects the philosophical tendencies of her creator.

I have been pondering the push and pull of the disparate elements of my big fat yod. Here are the results.

Expect the unexpected. Roll with the punches and surf the cha cha changes. Understand that everything about my life is a free form performance and, despite my efforts to nail it into place, ever shall it be.

Oh, how I have tortured myself. How long have I waiting to become settled into a groove? How greatly have I longed for everything to lock into place, to finally get it, to have arrived at the peak of the mountain from which I can clearly glimpse my destiny?

Nuh uh! Not going to happen. It’s always going to be a smorgasbord of improvisation. I am tasked with occasionally bringing something into focus from the vague or confusing shouts from the audience of synchronicity.

I do have Gemini rising and have learned to juggle pretty well by now. For the fleeting periods of calm focus I am thankful. Now roll, Jojo.

I know there is magic in the offing.


Fooling Around

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After consulting a good book on Yods, an astrological aspect in my chart that is due to be bothered anew Oct. 30th, I have decided to chill the fuck out.

More music in my life, more rest and meditation and more fooling around.

SecretAgentShadowHere is a bit of photographic fun I had this morning. This is my secret agent shadow shot.

I’m working through the shadow realms of my being. Prescriptions for those of us with yods say:

Let it be, believe and let the magic happen.

I am a pusher, a digger, an engineer. I want to make it happen. I have to give up the steering wheel for a while and let it roll.

FlowersDriedCropIt may be time to reread a memoir by a deeply respected yod buddy, Carl Jung.

Memories, Dreams Reflections

Jung was a master at letting his inner workings unfold, a master at self-interpretation, self-realization, a master of trusting himself to gracefully conduct all the elements.

MirrorsSlimI need to catch the light. Open up and let those really subtle hints sink in.

I need to abandon the gerbil wheel for a while, even more than I have done by changing my career (such as it was) so brutally.

I need to play my guitars, enjoy the cool weather and trust.

What’s Underneath

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Frank and I have been living in this house near the river for going on four years.

It is a very peaceful space. It sometimes feels like we are tucked away in time and space. Those that lived here before us left nice vibes.

This house is rather old and it has it’s quirks. Anyone attempting to use a hair dryer in the one bathroom will shut down every appliance plugged into both sides of the wall that separates the bathroom from the kitchen area.


It was once a farm house. It even has, or had, a pass-through opening from the kitchen to the dining area. What has become an addition to the living room and the place where I have set up my work space.

That window was covered over at some point. I would like to open it and reclaim the ability to more easily catch a glimpse of my partner making tea or he, the ability to smell dinner cooking, or we, a loaf of bread baking in the oven.

But what I really want is to uncover what lies beneath this cheap lackluster carpet.

Whoever installed it resorted to patches to cover the former dining area. My office chair has bothered a seam line and worked it loose. I had to peek.

No wood floors. Just beautiful blood-brown stone tiles.

StoneCarvedBookendIt looks a little like this carved stone bookend, the darker part but it’s more reddish and not so mottled.

This floor could be gorgeous and I’m really willing to work for it.

I won’t really be able to get to this project until December. There is the Etsy shop and the holiday season, possibly a load of good to create for Bazaar Bizarre in SF.

Shall I ask the landlady? Or shall I just do it? This carpet is less precious than a back alley remnant. It’s really a sad polyester rag. In fifteen years of paying rent to my wonderful landlady I have never asked for anything special.

I want to be able to do this renovation.


LA Ink?

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I’ve spent the whole fourth season, so far, wondering what happened to LA Ink.

I am a big, big fan of watching artists do what they do, or shall I say watching a cinematic approximation of what they do.

Documentaries first and I’m all in favor of reality TV that is NOT about tacky, bitchy drama between strangers forced to compete with one another.

Unfortunately, what LA Ink has become is the cheapest of set up melodramas. How did this happen? Who is pulling the strings? What new TV executive need to be fired for slaughtering their pet pig?

As an artist, LA Ink was very entertaining and I miss it.

The stories behind the individual tattoos are still good. It’s always interesting to hear a personal tale. Watching the women work their tattoo arts was inspiring. But now Hannah Atchison and Kim Saigh are gone.

Kat Von D’s outrageous rocker fashion sense and self-presentation as art still amuses. Her boots are great. She can wear more makeup than any child alive. I marvel at how she still has her sight after all the glitter eye shadow she’s worn. Don’t get me wrong I think you all know I love glitter! I am a glitter queen. I can wear only the smallest amount of glitter eyeliner, and I do, but it must be far from my actual eyeballs or it fall right in, or I rub it in accidentally.

I consider Kat a true artist. She’s a Pisces and made for the job. I understand that even though she is “the Boss” she is watery and isn’t always able to run the tightest of ships when that ship veers off course. But how did it get this far?

Even the talented Cory Miller, Kat’s “rock,” has lost his patience with life in the shop.  or that is what we are being shown. His formerly admirable ability to flow with the feminine psyches around him seems to have vanished with the arrival of Aubry.

Who is Aubry and how did she become part of the gang?

It seems she was chosen to fill the role of the hapless,  immature, central-casting fuck-up wanna be.

I do not believe the story presented to viewers early in the season that Kat’s well meaning brother hired Aubry in Kat’s absence because the shop so desperately needed help.

I know Kat is busy and distracted dealing with a very full plate — fame, romance, multiple artistic and commercial opportunities. She’s very busy building the Kat von D empire, but isn’t she capable of hiring the people she wants and needs and why would she allow herself to be portrayed as incapable when she really means to take control?

I’ve tried to imagine scenarios for how the wheels came off the LA Ink train. The absence of Atchison and Saigh has left a big hole. I loved LA Ink’s women, Pixie, too.

Is it fair to assume that she was another victim of confused managment skills?

Kat and Cory seem to need familiar temperaments in the house. It was a tight knit group, yes, with some problems, but it worked for a while. Kat seems to hire friends and acquaintances. People she assumes she can trust. Why did she not hire more top caliber artists to fill the gap.  I assume the shop and the TV show that has stoked it’s success are priorities for her.

Anyone who has checked out High Voltage Tattoo online can see that there are many people working at the shop. There are eleven artists listed including Kat. One is a Brazilian guest artist, Camila Rocha. She is the only other female.

Did all these artists decline an invitation to work on camera thereby forcing the show to invent drama with outsiders? Is this whole Aubry, Amy, Paulie, thing a self-protective thing for the artists at High Voltage, including Kat and Cory?

Like, “Let the reality TV girl take all the heat this season so we can work.”

Did the ratings require this huge manipulation? Aren’t there enough of us who really dig the art and want to see tattoo artists do their thing to satisfy the advertisers?

I feel ripped off and I want to know who is responsible for that sour feeling.

Anybody have  any ideas?


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335My dear son, Brian, successfully completed his first year of law school!

Good work!

He’s onto the second year.

What I want for him most is his happiness.

We here at the DarcyArts homestead have been enjoying the company of Frank’s mom. It’s been so good for me to get to know her a bit  better.

Though I can feel the creative work piling up around me, there is a time for everything. August and September were all about family time, reconnecting and growth.

Bazaar Bizarre sends out it’s notifications for the December dates in San Francisco. I hope I get good news.

I’ll be cranking the old work wheel for the next two months. Yeehaw!

RainbowHatRed Glasses

More rainbow caps, and warm winter gear.

I’ll make more Star caps.

I saw a really cute giant salamander on the tube. A Hell bender salamander. I want to render a playful version in fleece or maybe papier mache.

I will make some cool vests that look old and lived in. Ipod listening requires pockets. Vests are good for that. Making a pocket will be a challenge.

Will I get lazy and just sew them on top of the material? We shall see.

Cheap Wigs

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Halloween season is a great time to shop if you need props and certain accessories on the cheap.

My last trip to JoAnn yielded cheap wigs for my German Expressionist head form, Marla.

IggyBlondeFullHere in the Iggy cap is Marla in a Suicide Blonde look.

Without a hat she starts to look a bit like Bruce Vilanch.

The white blonde wig looks good with her rouge.

EdwardianBlondeDaisyA little Marianne Faithfull, here.

I found a pink wig, too.

I put it on Marla for the moss green cap which has a pink flower.

I want to make more flowers but today I will look at some store bought that are on sale to see if I could use them for a really over the top floral accent.

This is all a work in progress.


I need to make more heads. A bit of variety would be good and a smoother face surface this time.