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Free Green

Posted in family with tags , , on September 1, 2009 by darcyarts

A trip to a local art store turned out to be a score yesterday. Frank had to go in to buy a few paint brushes and some graphite.

Boxes were scattered around one aisle and beside them was a beautiful pile of stiff moss green paper that had been used for packing.

“Are you going to throw that away?” I asked a clerk or perhaps a co-owner.

“Yes,” she said.

“Can I have it?”


GreenpaperKitchenA1I let out a joyous little yip. It was beautiful paper. Why should I be embarrassed to rescue perfectly good materials?

After I dragged the piles of paper to the car I returned to the store and bought to Prismacolor pencils. A Blush Pink and a Salmon Pink. Prismacolor pencils are so creamy and smooth.

This is part of the pile in the kitchen. I straightened it a bit and flattened it which made a lot of noise. The whole experience was somehow very theatrical. These big remnants of wide paper taking up so much room. It was very physical and like dancing to straighten it and make folds.

It’s now stuck it away in the paper, cardboard, packing items storage area.

I’ll use it for wrapping things or maybe for papier mache. I love it.

GreenpaperFromtopMy son Brian visited this weekend. It was very nice to be near him again.

He calls regularly but there’s nothing like the flesh.

He’s got to jump right back into his law study this week.

These last two weeks were the only time he will have off for the next year. Ouch.

BnHaydenAugustThis is B with friend Barrack’s young and very cute son, Hayden. Brian is a natural with babies. His energy is very comforting.

It is day three of going straight to the stationary bike. I was on it first thing. It was 5:45 a.m. I was bleary-eyed and in the dark. I thought that was a good strategy. Since I couldn’t see the meter I had to just ride and forget about it. The door was open. Fresh air came pushing through the screen as I pedaled.

The best thing about this early morning ride is that it is over before I’ve really full woken up. Seven miles this morning but with less arm stretching. I was very achy yesterday after a very busy bunch of arm moves.

What was I thinking?

Today is one of two days during the week when Frank’s class  schedule allows me a fairly large bank of time so I better get to sewing.