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“Work, work, work, spin, spin, spin.”

Wise words from a tiny Disney mouse busily stitching Cinderella’s beautiful pink ball gown.

I used to hear it echoed by a maker, a doer, a hero of mine who turned lots of nothing into something.

M. had an eye for free resources and I believe it is partially from him that I learned to see them myself.

My brain has been set for find, combine, create. I’m on it all the time.

I planned to work all weekend but fate intervened.

My sister, who I had not seen or heard from in a very long time — about seven years —  hit town.


It was good to see her.

I had tried to reach her after we moved into this house. Has it been four years? I wanted to let her about how our grandmother was doing. I called all the numbers we had for her and found that they were disconnected.

I think I had gotten used to the idea that she had vanished into thin air. At least I knew that she had been doing very well the last time I talked to her. She’s gotten a degree an even had a job.

I think we have both conquered great odds to pull our asses out of the fire and make a life for ourselves.

I realized that part of our family heritage is a questioning nature and a rebelliousness tendency, a sort of subversive urge toward throwing off shackles. This sounds dramatic. There were moments of drama in finding our way. Little things count. things invisible to others. Who says the day to day can’t be a kind of  enslavement?

Seeing my sister again was intense. One gets transported back to an earlier incarnation after reuniting with family. The less frequently one does it the more intense the journey.

One is forced to look at the quagmire from which one crept onto the shore of self-invention.

It takes  a while to shake off.

It was very good to see her sons, both grown and calm and still carrying on despite what had been the rough seas of their childhood.