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Thanks, Virgo

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I haven’t blogged in days. I think it’s my longest silence yet. I hit a dip in the road.

Busy, busy, and pulled in too many directions by life’s little demands, I couldn’t find the hidden charm anywhere.

I know there’s magic at play at all times. It’s just that in spite of my best day-dream-believer tendencies it all seemed pretty dull and not blog-worthy but when has that ever stopped me?

I knew, at this time of year with the Sun in Virgo, I would be able to devote some extra energy to getting things done and so I turned my attention to long ignored chores. You know how it is. You’ve got a pile of Chimp heads that just have to be sewn and they’re so cute when the head and torso are united.

There’s the lure of dozens of beautiful colors of cloth to combine into head gear, squiddies or dragons.

Still Virgo put my feet and hands on the tidy path and I was at it full time.

Work, work, work, spin, spin, spin.

(This retro image in from the Kate Quilts blog. She and her people make wonderful things.)

In addition to cleaning and scrubbing I’ve added decorative touches to the spare room.

What, besides Virgo could have gotten me on my knees with a scrub brush?


Frank’s mother will be here later this evening. She’s flying in from New Jersey.

I’ve been making the extra room cozy so she can recuperate from a travel plan that includes at least one or two plane changes.

It’s not easy transforming my male offspring’s gamer hole into a neat little retreat. I won’t say it’s all the way there but the bouquet from Trader Joe’s helped. Nice white daisies with an accent of blue flock look nice.

I even bought a a big jute rug to cover the very plain and very ancient kitchen linoleum. This big rug — 8 x 5 feet — was on sale at Peir 1. It was my firist choice so finding out that it was super cheap was a bonus.


I know this dragon rug probably seems more appropriate for someone’s gamer cave but it’s really more sedate¬† that it looks in the morning light. It’s a nice coupling of olive greens.

Now that the heavy cleaning is done I have time to smell the vegetation. The color is back and the birds are chirping.

Just outside my door there are brilliant reds. Finding little miracles all around me is almost unavoidable.


BlissMirrorVegetables never let me down.

Back inthe late 70’s an S.F.¬† hipster once said to me “You’re easily pleased.”

It was almost a criticism.

I think it’s a good thing.