335My dear son, Brian, successfully completed his first year of law school!

Good work!

He’s onto the second year.

What I want for him most is his happiness.

We here at the DarcyArts homestead have been enjoying the company of Frank’s mom. It’s been so good for me to get to know her a bit  better.

Though I can feel the creative work piling up around me, there is a time for everything. August and September were all about family time, reconnecting and growth.

Bazaar Bizarre sends out it’s notifications for the December dates in San Francisco. I hope I get good news.

I’ll be cranking the old work wheel for the next two months. Yeehaw!

RainbowHatRed Glasses

More rainbow caps, and warm winter gear.

I’ll make more Star caps.

I saw a really cute giant salamander on the tube. A Hell bender salamander. I want to render a playful version in fleece or maybe papier mache.

I will make some cool vests that look old and lived in. Ipod listening requires pockets. Vests are good for that. Making a pocket will be a challenge.

Will I get lazy and just sew them on top of the material? We shall see.

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