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Afro Marla and the Juggler

Posted in esoterica, nature with tags , , , , on September 29, 2009 by darcyarts

I think I’ve mentioned that my headform is named Marla.

Marla has cheered me up through my slow confrontations with the truth. She deserves fresh looks and so this morning, while I was supposed to be working I gave into an impulse to hit the thrift store. I found a nice afro wig and it looks smashing on Marla.

MarlaAfroSideAShe has a certain gravitas here, no? In that, she reflects the philosophical tendencies of her creator.

I have been pondering the push and pull of the disparate elements of my big fat yod. Here are the results.

Expect the unexpected. Roll with the punches and surf the cha cha changes. Understand that everything about my life is a free form performance and, despite my efforts to nail it into place, ever shall it be.

Oh, how I have tortured myself. How long have I waiting to become settled into a groove? How greatly have I longed for everything to lock into place, to finally get it, to have arrived at the peak of the mountain from which I can clearly glimpse my destiny?

Nuh uh! Not going to happen. It’s always going to be a smorgasbord of improvisation. I am tasked with occasionally bringing something into focus from the vague or confusing shouts from the audience of synchronicity.

I do have Gemini rising and have learned to juggle pretty well by now. For the fleeting periods of calm focus I am thankful. Now roll, Jojo.

I know there is magic in the offing.