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Thanks, Virgo

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I haven’t blogged in days. I think it’s my longest silence yet. I hit a dip in the road.

Busy, busy, and pulled in too many directions by life’s little demands, I couldn’t find the hidden charm anywhere.

I know there’s magic at play at all times. It’s just that in spite of my best day-dream-believer tendencies it all seemed pretty dull and not blog-worthy but when has that ever stopped me?

I knew, at this time of year with the Sun in Virgo, I would be able to devote some extra energy to getting things done and so I turned my attention to long ignored chores. You know how it is. You’ve got a pile of Chimp heads that just have to be sewn and they’re so cute when the head and torso are united.

There’s the lure of dozens of beautiful colors of cloth to combine into head gear, squiddies or dragons.

Still Virgo put my feet and hands on the tidy path and I was at it full time.

Work, work, work, spin, spin, spin.

(This retro image in from the Kate Quilts blog. She and her people make wonderful things.)

In addition to cleaning and scrubbing I’ve added decorative touches to the spare room.

What, besides Virgo could have gotten me on my knees with a scrub brush?


Frank’s mother will be here later this evening. She’s flying in from New Jersey.

I’ve been making the extra room cozy so she can recuperate from a travel plan that includes at least one or two plane changes.

It’s not easy transforming my male offspring’s gamer hole into a neat little retreat. I won’t say it’s all the way there but the bouquet from Trader Joe’s helped. Nice white daisies with an accent of blue flock look nice.

I even bought a a big jute rug to cover the very plain and very ancient kitchen linoleum. This big rug — 8 x 5 feet — was on sale at Peir 1. It was my firist choice so finding out that it was super cheap was a bonus.


I know this dragon rug probably seems more appropriate for someone’s gamer cave but it’s really more sedate  that it looks in the morning light. It’s a nice coupling of olive greens.

Now that the heavy cleaning is done I have time to smell the vegetation. The color is back and the birds are chirping.

Just outside my door there are brilliant reds. Finding little miracles all around me is almost unavoidable.


BlissMirrorVegetables never let me down.

Back inthe late 70’s an S.F.  hipster once said to me “You’re easily pleased.”

It was almost a criticism.

I think it’s a good thing.


Still On

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I’m still on the exercycle. It’s been over a week straight. I think I started right after my last check up with the MDs.

Blood work showed me edging closer to a “pre-diabetic” zone. I do not want to be physically undermined by my own sloth.

I could stand to lose 15 pounds so I’m on it everyday.

BlackHandAI’ve enjoyed long days of working through craft, art, millinery projects. I’m exhausted two or three hours earlier when I start my morning with a 12 mile “ride.” It has it’s benefits. I probably think a bit more clearly.

I activated the Genius function on my iPod. It works very well for occupying my mind while on the bike.

I’m so very curious about what tune will come next. I never look at the list it generates. That would spoil all the fun.

I know music helps me stay on the exercycle and now the element of surprise makes it more exciting.

I wonder how Genius works.  I will be bummed if it’s as simple as a rhythm track. I was almost annoyed yesterday when it chose two or three songs with the same drum sound.

It was super hard getting started this morning. My legs were not ready to plow.

Modest Mouse and QOTSA saved me, drove me on through the thick muck.

I spent the better part of yesterday photographing my head model in the caps I have listed on Etsy. Then I posted them on the listings.

EdwardianCatSashFrontTiltAI also added top hats and an Edwardian hat, some with Halloween appropriate sashes.

TopHatRedSkullSashFrontLowI’ve got the hats and caps listed, mostly, as make to order but I think that may freak people out.

I may just list generic sizes for a particular hat. Tweak it,till it’s right.



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“Work, work, work, spin, spin, spin.”

Wise words from a tiny Disney mouse busily stitching Cinderella’s beautiful pink ball gown.

I used to hear it echoed by a maker, a doer, a hero of mine who turned lots of nothing into something.

M. had an eye for free resources and I believe it is partially from him that I learned to see them myself.

My brain has been set for find, combine, create. I’m on it all the time.

I planned to work all weekend but fate intervened.

My sister, who I had not seen or heard from in a very long time — about seven years —  hit town.


It was good to see her.

I had tried to reach her after we moved into this house. Has it been four years? I wanted to let her about how our grandmother was doing. I called all the numbers we had for her and found that they were disconnected.

I think I had gotten used to the idea that she had vanished into thin air. At least I knew that she had been doing very well the last time I talked to her. She’s gotten a degree an even had a job.

I think we have both conquered great odds to pull our asses out of the fire and make a life for ourselves.

I realized that part of our family heritage is a questioning nature and a rebelliousness tendency, a sort of subversive urge toward throwing off shackles. This sounds dramatic. There were moments of drama in finding our way. Little things count. things invisible to others. Who says the day to day can’t be a kind of  enslavement?

Seeing my sister again was intense. One gets transported back to an earlier incarnation after reuniting with family. The less frequently one does it the more intense the journey.

One is forced to look at the quagmire from which one crept onto the shore of self-invention.

It takes  a while to shake off.

It was very good to see her sons, both grown and calm and still carrying on despite what had been the rough seas of their childhood.

Full Moon

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The Moon has moved into Pisces and will be full. The Sun is in Virgo at this time of the year. Opposites. This is a good combination. I can flow with the water sign and get busy with attention to detail and an enhanced desire to work, work , work that comes from the Earthy Virgo.

Yesterday’s aggravation (just stuff) has gone and I’m ready to float in the dreamy waters of Pisces.

Pisces is always a creative faucet for me. I will tackle . . .  no, I will roll with my stitching work today, or imagine designs not yet implemented.

I finished a cakebox cap for my Marc Bolan Slider print.

MarcBolanBlogCutHere’s the cap on my head form. I need to name this handmade head. She kind of looks like an old friend named Diana from my UNM days.

She was a Sagittarius. A real mover and shaker. We ran the cinema for a short time.

An evil, evil Republican right-wing nut went up against our appointment. He, Dan something, went into law with the intent of harming humans rights where ever possible.

Yuck. People who crave power are messed up cookies.

BolanCapCLA close up of the Bolan Cap shows the tiny red stars I felt I should add.

“I got stars in my beard and I feel real weird,” said Marc.

There was a time when enchanted boys and girls frolicked on the greens of Britain, heavily glittered and glamorous.

What is glamor? One definition: hex: cast a spell over someone or something; put a hex on someone or something.

Your magic enchants others to see you as sparkling and beautiful.

From John McIntyre at the Baltimore Sun: “The word glamour came into English by way of Scotland, where it originally meant, the OED says, ‘Magic, enchantment, spell; esp. in the phrase to cast the glamour over one.’ It made its way to beauty by way of magic, since the allure secured by magic was illusory and dangerous.”

BolanCapBackI’m sure Marc Bolan knew this. He was a good soul.


Free Green

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A trip to a local art store turned out to be a score yesterday. Frank had to go in to buy a few paint brushes and some graphite.

Boxes were scattered around one aisle and beside them was a beautiful pile of stiff moss green paper that had been used for packing.

“Are you going to throw that away?” I asked a clerk or perhaps a co-owner.

“Yes,” she said.

“Can I have it?”


GreenpaperKitchenA1I let out a joyous little yip. It was beautiful paper. Why should I be embarrassed to rescue perfectly good materials?

After I dragged the piles of paper to the car I returned to the store and bought to Prismacolor pencils. A Blush Pink and a Salmon Pink. Prismacolor pencils are so creamy and smooth.

This is part of the pile in the kitchen. I straightened it a bit and flattened it which made a lot of noise. The whole experience was somehow very theatrical. These big remnants of wide paper taking up so much room. It was very physical and like dancing to straighten it and make folds.

It’s now stuck it away in the paper, cardboard, packing items storage area.

I’ll use it for wrapping things or maybe for papier mache. I love it.

GreenpaperFromtopMy son Brian visited this weekend. It was very nice to be near him again.

He calls regularly but there’s nothing like the flesh.

He’s got to jump right back into his law study this week.

These last two weeks were the only time he will have off for the next year. Ouch.

BnHaydenAugustThis is B with friend Barrack’s young and very cute son, Hayden. Brian is a natural with babies. His energy is very comforting.

It is day three of going straight to the stationary bike. I was on it first thing. It was 5:45 a.m. I was bleary-eyed and in the dark. I thought that was a good strategy. Since I couldn’t see the meter I had to just ride and forget about it. The door was open. Fresh air came pushing through the screen as I pedaled.

The best thing about this early morning ride is that it is over before I’ve really full woken up. Seven miles this morning but with less arm stretching. I was very achy yesterday after a very busy bunch of arm moves.

What was I thinking?

Today is one of two days during the week when Frank’s class  schedule allows me a fairly large bank of time so I better get to sewing.