Stitching and Dreaming

Few projects are without moments of frustration, says the Yod.

Night goggles sewing image from

At the end of my work day Saturday the bobbin in my first, and new,  sewing machine kept getting hung up. I gingerly removed the screws from the bobbin case cover, fearing this operation. I removed the plates and then the lint balls that seemed really unhealthy. I put the cover back on. I hadn’t seen any tricky parts. I wasn’t concerned about putting it back incorrectly.

Sunday I still couldn’t undo the snag and after four additional tries to make sure the cover was on right I faced the fact that I must buy a new machine. I am on a tight schedule. The costumed chimps must be out by Oct. 9.

JoAnn’s had a nice, reasonably priced Singer. I got it home, the whole time fretting about the hours I was losing.

I took it out of the package, popped the “quick start” dvd into the player near the work station and set the thing up. When I went to check the booklet to clarify something about the stitch selection dial I noticed the back page looked like someone had used it as a placemat for a dessert of pumpkin pie.

The first few pages were stuck together by some barely visible substance.

Then I noticed that the accessory bag was open, the little package of replacement needles were opened. Some of the needles were gone. I found them in the storage drawer in the machine.

Was I going to keep this machine?

I’d tried a test stitch while fiddling with the dials. It was nice. The stitch mechanism moved smoothly and felt substantial. It had more of a deep steady growl than my Brother machine but it seemed to mean muscle and I liked it.

No. I was not going to pay full price for the machine that was obviously used by some slovenly, dishonest pumpkin pie addict somewhere Shasta County.

I repackaged the machine and returned it to Joann’s. I came home and spent the rest of the day and evening doing my hand sewing tasks — securing thighs and knees and calves onto Chimp torsos. I fell into bed about 8 p.m. after a 13 hour work day.

I’ll check Hokemas today but will probably also check Wal Mart. It’s just a little bump in the road.

Thursday, after the Costumed Chimps are in the mail I’m going to see Whip It.

I dreamed of a spritely Brian Eno spirit last night. Nice compensation.


2 Responses to “Stitching and Dreaming”

  1. You’re welcome to use my portable Brother machine. Say the word.

  2. Thanks, Miss Kelly. I bought an inexpensive Singer and so far so good. I’ve got two Zombie Chimps done, two Werewolf Chimps nearly done.

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