Lady Gaga

I first heard of Lady Gaga, probably in some tacky magazine like the Star that I ended up being subscribed to when Radar magazine folded.

I had a strange sense of her as purely a promotional Madonnaesque phenomena. Then I saw her performance at one of the many English festivals shown on the Palladia TV channel. Beautiful in a cute way, definitely really sexy, not fake Madonna overkill sexy. I liked her songs especially compared to some of the bands that played before and after her.  Many bands these days do not know what a song is.

Lady Gaga sold her show to me. She’s got heart and is obviously smart.

Her recent Saturday Night Live performance convinced me she is a major talent and I see very good things for her. She can have the kind of career Madonna has only dreamed of having, well, the kind of career Madonna has strived towards. Madonna is not multi talented. She is a shark who has achieved success through sheer fortitude and discipline. I can respect that but Lady Gaga is like candy and I want more.


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