I need to take some time to think about where I am going with my creative pursuits. Not for the sake of identifying the destination but rather to understand how I might forge a fresh path.

I have only been indulging my desire to create for part of this last decade. I’ve always been a maker but I applied my curiosity and budding skills to homemaking, child rearing, then academia.

I worked for a while for other people and then abandoned that as a really tainted enterprise. My heart was not in it in the way the corporate entities needed it to be. That’s a tired old story.

I need to contemplate. I need to unearth the elements of my unique psychic/aesthetic terrain.

I might reread Jung, Joseph Campbell, check out some art-related biographies.

I will take my big sketch/journal book and make a bubble map of inspirations, record a page or two, notes on the coolest things I’ve ever encountered. Then I’ll ask myself why I think so.

Next, I’ll try to imagine how all these elements can come together. Synthesis.

I could take an art class but I tend to shy away from doing creative things in large groups of people. It feels to intimate an undertaking. I feel that way about playing guitar, singing, and painting.

I’m too easily distracted. I know you can learn things from watching what others do.  I’ve worked well on suggestions from others. Done things I wouldn’t have otherwise considered but I am stubbornly determined to find my own way into anything I try.

It may be time consuming to wander around without directions but I prefer it that way.

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