Bitty Pix Redux

I got completely carried away with Shrinky Dink paper when I first got my hands on it.

I drew and drew and scribbles and baked all my little drawings until they were small.

I even opened a second Etsy shop called Bitty Pix. I thought that was a smashing name and I was just so into these tiny little pictures. I sold a few. I sold a lot to the coolest Etsy couple in Texas CBT and NBT.

I’ve decided to put the last remaining Bitty Pix in the Shasta Arts Holiday Sale.

I’ve given many away to cool Etsy customers but these are the last of my batch.

BPAllI guess these are also my favorites. I couldn’t part with them but i will now.

BPMaoChinese Propaganda?

Glorious leader?

I love this one. I was really shocked that no one onEtsy bought this fine thing.

These are very small.

Can you see the stack of colorful small post its in the photo of the bunch? Most of the pix are 1.5 x 2 inches.


They make cute weird gifts. I’ll make some volkswagon Bitty Pix before I take them downtown in early November.

If you are local and find yourself truly excited by the last of these tiny gems make it to the sale and take some home for the holidays.

Another of my very favorites which I have named Relativity. The look on the boy’s face is so cool.

BPHillaryObamaRemember the good times?

What an election season that was. I thought I might go mad. That Sarah Palin was a real funny gal, though. She kept me in stitches. Psycho Biotch.

ZombieKatFullAI made a Zombie Kat yesterday for the Halloween times. The wind is howling and the Kat cries Mary. Zombie kat has a broken heart and wants to bite somebody.

I was thinking of making some little Roller Derby Zombie Kats with little plaid skirts but I want to give them tits. Does that make me a bad person?


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