New Zombie Kat and Alice Neel

ZK2MedCLAI got up early, rode the stationary bike. I have to do it while barely awake and that way I don’t know what hit me and by mile 10 I’m pretty happy about what did.

I dropped my first zombie kitty off at the post office after taking Frank to school.

Zombie kitty went to Ohio. Yippee!

Zombie Kat 2 came out a bit larger. The head is more round.

He looks pretty freaked. This guy will really do some damage with those teeth. Don’t mess with him.ZK2SideWatched a very interesting documentary last night on portrait painter Alice Neel.

She shunned the NY Art Game and just lived a low brow life, a pauper’s life enriched by being able to paint amazingly beautiful and lively portraits of the famous and the not so famous.

She painted Andy Warhol. I think he is the only sitter who sat with closed eyes.

This painting of Neel’s is called Tuberculosis in Harlem.

Beautiful. I love her work as much as I love Egon Schiele’s work.

Figures are long and lyrical. The gaze in neel’s work is often directly at the viewer and was directly at the painter. This made for an intense and intimate experience for both parties.

I wonder if it was Andy’s idea to keep his eyes closed.

Alice Neel moved from Greenwich Village to Spanish Harlem. Cheaper rent.

Good work.


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