Halloween Chimps Promo

Went over to Mailchimp (realized it was one word) to see the Halloween Chimps. They are part of a Mailchimp Halloween promo.

I think the Zombie chimps were the wildest and best but I think they are keeping them for themselves.

ZombieFreddiesI would.


They’ve got the werewolves and the turn-of-the-century Draculas on the promo page.


I was almost going to do the raised collar and the medallion for my vampires but I went with the less cliche Gary Oldman, Bram Stoker Dracula instead. Darn. Always follow your first instinct.

The Mailchimp folks have a link to the DarcyArts shop at Etsy and pix of four of the standard Freddies. It’s pretty cool.

Frank and I were down at Old City Hall turning in our applications to participate in the holiday sale last week. I learned that Shasta Arts Council uses Mailchimp. Excellent.

I think I miss the chimps. I’ve have not made one for myself. They are so big!


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