Dried Flowers

I may have mentioned that I was very surprised to find myself addicted to Flipping Out. I’m growing fond on Jeff and I love Jenni.

I can’t watch shows about remodeling and interior design without experiencing deep pangs of envy. I find myself wanting to transform my environment.

I try from time to time. It’s always a really big challenge because I won’t spend more than a few of my freedom bucks.

I’m trying to make my retirement dole last as long as possible while still spending too much on cable and other indulgences.

My biggest design problem was my ridiculously large-for-the-space TV.

I don’t really watch it while I’m working but I sometimes turn it on to keep up with something on MSNBC. On the weekends I like to “watch” Design shows.

I need a flat screen for this space but don’t want to spend the money when I have a perfectly good TV.

WorkStationAThis is a shot of the whole space. Though it’s not apparent in the first pic it is really getting a lot of light today.

I decided to keep the chair at the end of the table after realizing that granny is habituated to sitting there. She came into the kitchen yesterday and nearly sat on a plastic basket holding my stuffing. Yikes. Broken hips are so out.

Looking at the second pic has inspired me to break down and buy an attractive waste basket. No more cardboard for me!

It needs to be tall enough to cover up the rusting wire rack that is holding up that end of the workbench.

SunnyWorkstationI push the sewing machine out of the way when not in use.

I was finishing a hat today.

The little chair I sit in to work at the machine is an ancient (50s?) office chair. It’s heavy, metal, well made and pretty comfortable for the first six hours after that I need a stretching break.

The best thing about the chair is that it can be used for a numer of positions. I can now roll it back to an open space and lean back for hand stitching in the morning light.

HatCLI have another table top to use. No one really eats in the kitchen so it’s not like I lost a dining space. This is snack ville. Get a bowl, plate, cup and sit anywhere is our rule.


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