New Mushrooms

PipeGnomeLeanBHad the chance to do a photo session with the pipe gnome. He looks pretty happy with his find.

He photographs a little flatly compared to his brother gnome. You’ll see below. Maybe it’s just that his outfit is more a red-orange. Maybe I need schoolin.

PipeGnomeTwoShroomsLoPixThe morning dew still clings to the grass.

These would be cool printed on a very large sheet of paper.

My printer can do 13 x 19. What am I waiting for?

Maybe I’ll print some for the Shasta Arts Holiday sale.

It would be fun to try.

I wish I was a real shroom hunter and knew all about them. Could I have these for dinner? They look delicious.

Somebody is very excited about his fat spongy domes. Where are the gnome women?



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