Still Floating, Still Dreaming

I’m cutting against my strong work-ethic grain by allowing myself time to float and dream. After a months of nose-to-the-grind-stone effort I just spazed out. I need some time for contemplation.

I must admit I imagined going on and on, producing plush critters like a machine, right through December.

Saturn has been in in Virgo, my fourth house, for two years. In astrology Saturn is the stern task master. Virgo is service, work, duty and the Fourth house is the domain of home, self, family.

I live and work here at the DarcyArts home studio. It’s been a buzzing hive but now I feel a change coming.

It’s organic and that is a good thing.


It’s all part of the process, part of the road I’ve driven down. I am learning to push doubt over the cliff.

I am exploring my dreams day and night. In sleep, I am a dream pirate. I sail in that beloved other world and search for treasure. I pick up nuggets, shiny symbols fraught with meaning and clues of every kind. I find maps that point me in my very own direction.

Saturn goes into Libra October 30th. That means it moves into my Fifth house. The Fifth house rules creativity, children, beauty, pleasure, games.

I was born with Saturn in Libra and this means I will be experiencing a Saturn Return.

So will Dr. Cornel West, one of my favorite academicians.

The Saturn return is a life cycle. We have our first about the age of 27 and our second about the age of 57.

Saturn keeps an eye on our progress of becoming our authentic selves. Did we, in the time allotted, develop the skills we need to live our dharma (true function)?

If we have run in the other direction, away from our authentic nature we will have a rough time with our Saturn Return. If we are flowing with what we are meant to experience it will be a good passage.


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