The Struggle

I went for it. I pulled that big old heavy TV right out of my dining area workspace. Gone.

I had turned on MSNBC and had it nattering in the background as I tried a prototype plush snail.

I love this woman newscaster. She’s smart, and dignified but I don’t need to be in a relationship with TV peeps. Or do I.

After an hour or so I was convinced this background noise added nothing to my creative experience.

Actually that’s not true. It added a sort of irritating buzz that I realized made me feel less good than if I had been listening to music or some pleasant radio show.

Out it went. No TV in the workspace

I will sell a good part of our collection of TVs on Craig’s list, along with the two fricking gigantic bean bags my dear son left behind.

These things are ridiculously heavy and large. They must be at least five feet in diameter, maybe six. Two of them stacked on top of one another nearly reach the ceiling. Whoever takes them will need a truck and a couple of sets of muscle to get them out of here.

They are very comfortable. They would make a cozy bed for a small child.

I need to declutter my space. I’m still trying to get it together to take the e-waste to the city dump. We have our own little mountain of ancient computer screens and machines. There are two or three pieces in every closet and this house has lots of closets.

Now that i think I’ve contracted Frank’s cold virus I don’t have the energy to do anything but talk about what will be done someday. Being under the weather means I’ll have only enough energy to read and write and watch the season three reunion of Flipping Out.

I’ve become to fond of Jeff Lewis. How did it happen?

I feel for him. I am entertained by the crazy mixed up sarcasm.

I found that one can watch video of season one, two and three  on line at Amazon! Dang! What is mod technology trying to do to me?

I’m definitely hooking up our third computer to the HDTV in the bedroom.




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