Viral Vacation

My immune system has been a real champ. I haven’t had so much as a sniffle in ages, literally years.

I’m (not quite fully) down with some sort of virus that is making me achy and spacey but it’s okay. I’m on my semi-permanent maker sabbatical these days. My only boss is my own relentless drive to fill the world with crazy colorful things.

This will be my vacation within a vacation. I didn’t really get hit with the full body thing until late in the morning. After my 9 mile fake-bike ride I watched Flipping Out, made sweet potato muffins, and then read.  An afternoon nap led to increased spaciness and listlessness interrupted by little bits of additional reading.

I am reading this book:

If you have never read any of Michael Newton’s books, pick one up. It’s very interesting stuff.

You don’t have to believe.

This Life Between Life regression therapy starts with a past life recall and then allows you to get to the place where we hang out between earthly incarnations.

It sounds pretty wild but 99 percent of everything I’ve read sounds plausible, coming from a hindu-friendly pov. Nothing really rang my bullshit detector alarm.

I’d definitely like to try it an LBL session with an experienced facilitator.

All I’ve got to say to those who may be aghast at the thought of this is:

How the hell can you be so sure you possess a complete understanding of the physical and spiritual terrain that may exist. Close-minded, fearful, unimaginative Christians I’m looking at you. No disrespect, yo.

I hate science fiction. I’m too lazy to want to keep all the strange invented stand-in constructions in my head as I read the story. I don’t want to imagine a whole alien world (though some elements of Newton’s research and case studies point to some things  alien enough for any sci-fi freak. See Destiny of Souls.

I prefer the crystal, sparkly, nature-esque environments and loving beings of light that populate most people’s other worldly regression experiences.

One of the case studies shared here is from the files of regression therapist David M. Pierce of Chico, CA. I love that he used the phrase “kick-ass” when conversing with a spirit guide. Dude! That is so rad (I am not being sarcastic).

Anybody with any past life recall or LBL experience I want to hear from you.


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