Oh, man!

Okay, I give.

No more heavy lifting. I have managed to get to a task I’ve been dreaming of for months. I’ve taken 99 percent of the dinosaur computer parts out of closets and set them out in the car port!!It looks like such a small pile but it was heavy.

The gigantic monitors will have to wait until Frank can help me schlep then out there with the other things.

The next step is into the car trunk and off to city recycle.

I started a living room redo a few days ago and I guess I just got carried away. I threw some pink covers over our not that attractive chairs. It looks a little nutty but I’ll try it for a while.

StereoWallBI dismantled the white bookshelf that used to bug me. I sawed it in half and put it under the stereo shelf to store the vinyl and the CDs.

Those white things are styrofoam pieces to keep kitty from sharpening his claws in the floor speakers.  It would mean the guillotine if he were ever successful.

The pix are a bit blurry but this is a dark room. Especially so with the privacy screen I’ve constructed to separates my work space from the “sitting area”. The screen is really the cardboard box from our HD TV.

LivingRoomChairswWorkBackFrank is off in San Francisco touring the museums on free Tuesday.

For $17 he gets a trip to the city with other Shasta College Art students.

I am not jealous. I’m really happy that he’s out having these experiences.

I loved going to school. He’s into it now. He also loves San Francisco. He lived there for years. It is the city where we met.

BeigeChaitwMirrorTableOne of the side effects of watching Home  channel TV is the pervasive dissatisfaction it engenders with my decorative skills.

As I’ve said before, I am a cheap skate and these days for good reason. The car is at the repair shop again. My measly retirement dollars are dwindling. Rent is up. I’m not selling much in my Etsy shop. I feel great but definitely cheap.

BookshelfFireplaceIn the living room redo I rearranged the books on the built-in bookshelf.

I put my decorated votive candles on the top shelf.

I just couldn’t look at one more shelf of books.

They look pretty good up there.

You can’t see any of the fine details.  Visitors won’t be able to enjoy the cool Elvis job or the controversial Michael Jackson design.

BookShelfTopAI may find another medium for these glitter glue, water color, Mod Podge pieces. I like them.

Maybe I’ll take the Elvis and Michael Jackson candles to the Shasta Arts Council’s holiday sale and ask an outrageous price for them. That way they probably get to take them home after the holidays and if not, well, I can use the cash.

We have too many books. When I find cheap books full of wonderful things I have to take them home. I guess at one point I thought my kids would read them but they found their own books.

I could save them for when I can do nothing but sit and read, say if I became crippled but i think I’d still prefer to do art someway, somehow.


I think I’m liking the pink chairs.It makes me feel that my living room matches my Etsy shop.

Color, color color!

Would Emily of Black Apple feel comfortable here if I invited her for a cup of tea? She is the queen of good blogging for your craft. Her aesthetic is so very cohesive. I am a little jealous.

I’d invite Heather Louise. Her dolls are superb and her portraits are dreamy.

Of course, I’d invite Amy Abshire Reyes, too.

StereoBobThis close up captured the Woodstock Bob photo. Bob was glowingly beautiful at this point. I imagine him happy with Sarah and their children. Why couldn’t all those crazy fools leave them alone?You can also see the cover of one of my favorite Los Lobos album La Pistola y El Corazon.

The painting is by artist George Yepes. Really, really mighty. A color master.

Okay enough reveling in my newly redesigned space. I’m off to get my car.

If I invited you to tea would you come over? Lynda Barry, would you?



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