Brave New Cave

IMG_9226Did you know that Nick Cave wrote another novel? It’s about a traveling salesman and his son. You can buy an audio book through iTunes.

His first, And the Ass Saw the Angel,   was published in 1989, written while he lived in Berlin.

The latest is The Death of Bunny Monroe. I almost bought it. Maybe I will someday but I’d rather write one myself.

I am full of aspiration.

This little button of Nick Cave photographs so well. It is nestled here in some moss. There is a rusty nail and a tiny dark heart adjacent to the button. I like to compose.

FlameLampwTreemanOne of my first aspirations was interior design. Does anyone hire someone to make there home look as if a crazy artist lives there?

I’ve got a DVD of  interior designer Thom Filicia (isn’t that a wonderful name for the adorable Taurus?).

In the Vogue Living interior on his site there is an amazing silver chair. There is also a chaise lounge. I want one.

Here is a really cool lamp I picked up at the thrift shop. I love the flames. they remind me somehow of Tibetan imagery. It’s brass and very heavy. It’s perfect for the spot on the fireplace skirt. Kitty can’t knock it over.

Cost: $10.

BeigeChaitwMirrorTableI like this picture with the beige chair from my living room makeover. I like the things that you can see in the mirror.

I am enjoying a cup of mostly decaf coffee. I bought decaf Medaglia de Oro.I dumped a bit of chocolate flavored coffee into the can to give it a bit of caffeine. Buzz.

I am making fresh Bitty Pix today to fill out my display box that I will take to the Shasta Arts Council Holiday Sale.

BoxThe box is all watched over by Afro-clad Marla and Zombie Kitty.

I bought a bottle of Beeswax Orange oil to put on this little shelf. I want to make it look great.

BoxCLBootsy Collins is on the top shelf.

You can see another – Green Bootsy- down below in the full box picture.

Yes, that is Fozzy Bear.

I made a new Mayan Bitty Pix.

MayanAAnd a butterfly.

ButterflyThese are fairly big Bitty Pix 2″x3″ and 2.5″x2.5″.

I really like making these. I once had a second Etsy shop for my Bitty Pix but I gave up on it.

I think I will put a few up at DarcyArts.

The photos will have to be much better. It’s a gray day.

The rain is coming to the north land. The veggies are giving their last and slowing down, turning yellowish. I have more chives than I’ll ever use. Can I make chive potato soup?






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