I like stars. They look so good from so far away. They may be, at our sighting, light that has just now passed through our universe. The source may have transformed into some other type of energy.

Starday3One day last summer I was thunderstruck  by a desire to  have some color on my upper arm. I wanted a brownish red star and got one, more or less.

I think it could use a second infusion of color. I’m not sure the artist knew about the circular color application technique.

I made a curly star stamp before I chose permanent symbol for my bod.

I’m really taken with the curly star. I decided to create a plush version.

RedStarVerticalHere is the star in it’s “Mighty Star” pose.

It looks like it’s flexing it’s starry muscles.

I have toyed with the idea of putting eyes and a mouth on them but I’m not there yet. I think I may try it on a smaller model. This prototype measures about 23″ x 18″.

RedStarHorizontalThe star looks different at every angle. You can rotate his position and he becomes something new with a different feel.

The red star looks less macho like this, as if it’s floating happily. Wee!

We had the distinct pleasure yesterday of getting to know Yayoi Kusama! A DVD docu on Kusama arrived. It was really really interesting.

She is amazing. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Yoko Ono was influenced by this amazing Japanese artist.

To call Kusama prolific is a grand understatement.

If you are an artist dealing with the dwindling stores of energy as you grow older you should take heart from Kusama’s example.

Here is an interview with Yayoi Kusama.


One Response to “Stars”

  1. sweetetcetera Says:

    Just saw an exhibition of hers today, and one of the greatest sensory impacts – perhaps skewed by my personal interests – was the space she puts the viewer (that is, me) in, in relation to the macro (eg the stellar), and also the micro (eg the particle)… and actually a lot of messy and always fun areas in-between.

    (No, you don’t know me, but I just followed a shared tag…)

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