It’s Done!

I just returned from a trip to the local cable office where I left off the beloved Moxie box and a standard digital receiver. No more cable. No more triple digit TV bills per month.

We bought a fine little Dell laptop and hooked it up with the big HDTV as a second monitor. We easily watched everything we ever watched but with far less commercial interruption.

This will cut down on the drone TV watching and the MSNBC addiction. I feel lighter already.

There is not enough space in my head to allow all that yacking.

All I’m going to miss out on is Sarah Palin shite and Republican destruction derby. It’s just too sad to watch pompous assholes wave the flag of deevolution.


One Response to “It’s Done!”

  1. Here Here! Great decision on the cable TV! We have been without television in my house for three years now. The world is a much better place it seems. And you dont need TV to see pompous assholes anyway. Just go to one of our local city council meetings for that!

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