Pix of Holiday Sale

Last week was busy in and around the DarcyArts shack. We wrapped up red tape matters, ran errands, Frank went to all his classes and I volunteered at the Shasta Arts Council Holiday Sale.

Old City Hall was looking good.

Lots of colorful creations. It was pretty slow as far as customers the day I minded the store.

It probably picked up later in the week and will continue to do so.

I pulled out my Bitty Pix for the Holiday Sale. I loved making these.

I put them in a little shadow box.

Frank sent his incredibly cute sea serpents to the sale. They are made in three pieces.

The sea serpents are brightening up the gift shop in the office.

If I worked in there I would want to see them in the course of my day.

I missed seeing them from my post in the gallery room.

I love the curls on the fins. Franks is getting really good at that flair.

I noticed this really cute cloth doll while developing the photos today.

Too bad the blown up crop is blurry. Ah pixel math.

Cannot escape the dictate of physical reality.

I need a class in Photo Shop or I could buy the Gimp how-to book.

I feel very wild and ornery when it comes to signing up for regimented or organized undertakings. I want to forge my own works from start to finish. I love feeling, finding my way through any art-related process.

I am working on two whales for a Canadian gal with a whale loving friend. I will be embroidering “End Whaling” and “Save the Whales” onto little old fashioned banners to be attached to the plush, grey whales. I like this project and am very happy to have been asked to do it. Rendering with tender loving care makes me happy.




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