Whales and Peaceful Meals

Frank and I had fun yesterday. The Thanksgiving meal was smooth and very low key. We ate our meal while watching Peggy Sue Got Married. We clicked it in from our Netflix instant watch list.

Grandma buddied up to the Andy Griffith Show. Her very best and most comforting alternate reality.

I finished and mailed off a  lovely custom order Wednesday.

Someone from Calgary, Alberta asked me to make gray whales with the words “Save the Whales” and “End Whaling” on them. I decided to put them on banners.

I think they look pretty cool.

I have a great stash of vintage buttons that I use for eyes on the long sleepy-eyed whales.

They are from a craft sale at the Discovery shop last year.

I decided to add them to the DarcyArts shop as custom banner plush critters. I’ll embroider anything on the banner for you.

Well, almost anything. No hate phrases, f*&%ers.

Naughty is fine. I’m toying with the idea of making banners that others can attach to whatever they want.

I’ll get on that next week. I’ve got big starts to sew and possibly a very large octopus.

I really enjoyed the embroidering. Pulling the thread through the vintage muslin material seemed comfortingly turn of the last, last century. Maybe it was echoes of Bright Star.

I am hoping to see that film recognized in some fashion at the Academy Awards. Jane Campion is very good.

Ah! I just discovered Campion is a Taurus!♥


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