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More Empathy and Less . . .

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It’s New Year’s Eve. I love the passing of the old into the new. I love it even more when it has nothing to do with how drunk one gets, or how expectant of a rotten hangover one expects to be.

People! Feel your life. Dig down deep and charge your own engine. Enthusiasm is your birthright. Get it on!!

Love everything in the long run. Embrace each other and recognize the jewel in the heart of each of us. See the shining light strings that connect us one to the other all over the planet.

Expect that strange and amazing events will fill your days in 2010.

Peace, Health, Love, Welcome Challenges to all of you in the New Year!

Dear Lord, take Rush Limbaugh home to some other world. He’s done enough damage.

I’m going to find plenty in very little and be happy to have it.

Japanese miso soup, green tea, white trash scones with dried cherries, goat cheese slathered in cranberry bits, homemade chicken soup, the beautiful mountains that surround this valley, my great love Frank, my children Brian and Jessica, the people they love, and my granny and my sister and her family, all these are great blessings for which I am so thankful. What a world!

Avatar, I Object

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Avatar was really beautiful and a bit too simple at the same time.

It pits a corporate-run, militaristic society gone mad with greed against the righteous, spiritually attuned, nature-loving natives.

The visuals are so imaginatively rendered, so amazing and demanding that, after three hours, they wear on the eye.

Imagination runs out when the same old binary opposition — cowboys vs indians — is reduced to simplistic battle action, blowup, kill.kill.kill. suffer.suffer.suffer

Creators out there, I may stand in a small crowd shouting this, but war for wars sake is extremely dull and disgusting. Following the lead of former presidents who shall remain nameless, film and video games have made it such an easy indulgence.

As a recurrent story theme it is akin to a marathon of soulless, limp-dicked sex. What sensible person wants that? It is tired, Mary. Let it go.

Avatar also revisits the return of the white savior. We’ve seen it before in Dances with Wolves, The Last Samurai and it’s implied nastily in Apocalypto. Those that come by sea/sky will deliver the heathen savages from their wrong-headed beliefs.

If Cameron can get to the point of creating such fantastic faux organic beauty, if he can make it obvious that this graceful, rich environment must be respected why does he then drown it in an ocean of unimaginative diarrhea?

Yes, it makes the enemy really worthy of hate when they tear the holiest sites on Pandora asunder but I think there could have been a much more interesting solution to the threat of destruction from the greed merchants.

Sabers could rattle, the stakes could be just as high, and then the tall nerdy smart boy on the scientist’s team could come up with some cutting edge biological engineering that could render the aggressive folk benign and they could skip the WAR!

Even I know that is where biology is at these day. I listen to Science Friday on NPR. Scientists are learning ways to help the environment and threatened creatures with biological tools.

Simplistic thinkers, it is not evil and this movie is about human cloning, anyway.

Couldn’t a thorough writer, an ingenious writer, retain all the edgy drama and build tension out of brute force vs bio? The war-mongers strategize and huff and puff  as the good nerd scientists grow closer to delivering their biological neutralizer to the military population?

I object to the tenet that holds drama = explosive apocalyptic death orgy.

But I guess the object isn’t really to create uplifting, awe-inspiring art. The goal is massive ticket and video game sales. Cameron succeeds admirably at the later.

I’m left with two questions.

What are the implications of having called the planet Pandora and is deep-level creative thinking the real unobtanium?

Smashing Film Experience!!

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We are off this morning to go and see another of this years potential Award Season nominees.

This is it, baby. Films galore. Almost like going to Disneyland.

I still need to do that for Frank. Drag him through the place where I grew up. Walt Disney’s wonderpark still enchants. But today we mine cinematic wonders.

Avatar is our choice. We wanted to let most of  the holiday crowd fall off. Monday is a pretty slow day for film.

I sort of think James Cameron is a dick but I’m still open minded until I see a film.

We’ve seen three films so far at Anderson Prime 11 Cinemas, the worlds most comfortable theaters. We’ve got another four to see among those currently playing. Keep ’em coming, say I.

The Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes was a hyper masculine, explosion-filled speed-rush of a mess made platable by the fine acting of Robert Downey and Jude Law. I love Robert Downey, as does everyone, I presume. Sherlock Holmes is a dependable storyforce that even Guy Richie can’t completely fuck up. I know many will disagree with my opinion. I’m not of the flash video game split-second uber cognition generation. I need something, ideally, that unfolds a little more slowly. I like to linger over a cinematic environment. Young directors, do not be afraid to be lavish, lush and a bit more languid with the camera shots. What are you afraid of?

I think Jane Campion has trumped all young macho flash explosion heads with her super ballsy slooow, rich, gentle yet passionate love story in Bright Star. Hurrah! Do not miss it. Beautiful, handsome, sweet, sad, satisfying. There was a time children before flash. Flash was an eternal feeling. Dream it.

Float Like Snowflakes

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That’s what I’m going to do. Float into the sweet spot, drift into place like a soft snowflake.

Happenstance has my back. I’ve already started falling.

Frank received a wonderful gift this season. He was able to connect with old high school friends through the Columbia High School Facebook page.

I got this. It brought tears to my eyes. Sweet and possibly an explanation of how I got on the 70s thang.

Love Peace and TV

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Christmas was very mellow. Small family gathering, the organic style. Just being in the same house is good.

It wasn’t about “stuff.”

Our world is filled with stuff. It’s out there everywhere. You don’t even need to go looking for it. It finds you. Follows you home like a stray dog.

Love and affection, family is the icing on the get-together cake. Making a big late breakfast — eggs, spinach, a variety of turkey sausage, cinnamon scones, coffee — all yummy.

Chocolate oranges, delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies (thanks, Emily!), simple sandwiches, special sticky brownies, Columbo, 30 Rock, repeating cycles of A Christmas Story all with warm sunny weather made Dec. 25, ’09 a great day.

Slooow and lazy days are the real luxury.

There were a few lovely things that made their way into our collection — Laurel Canyon,  a beautiful book about that magic place in LA, beautiful handmade rings for Frank and I from Paxton Gate in San Francisco, dvds of cartoons from the 30s, handmade caps for Frank and Granny, a new freshly stuffed catnip squid for Sam.

The Christmas season also intensified the email ads I receive for products from my favorite sellers. Amazon got me today with 800 albums for $5 each. I bought Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus; Maria Callas Legend;  Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The First Born is Dead; Funkadelic’s Maggotbrain. That’s $20 bucks well spent.

For me, unrepentant cinema lover, the passing of Christmas and New Year’s Day means I am that much closer to a guilt-free orgy of film-going. December is the time to get a feeling for what films will be included in the 2010 awards season.

We’ve seen Bright Star, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Taking Woodstock, so far. I’m sure as the lists are clarified Anderson Prime 11 Cinemas will bring them in.

A quick check reveals that we have quite a few from which to choose. Now showing at Prime 11 in Anderson: Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, Up in the Air, The Princess and the Frog and Invictus.

Yikes! Frank and I better apply ourselves to the task.

Time for a little more tea and some plushie refinement.

May you all relax into your pleasurable time.

Frosty 70s

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The picnic table is covered in frost. Keith Richards is in repose with the Christmas chilis and I need to rest my hands.

Yesterday was a very busy day. So many little chores, scrubbing showers and bathtubs, a bit of shopping and the normal hours of stitching.

It all had my carpal tunnel in a hissy fit by evening time.

Frank and I watched Mad Dogs and Englishmen, a fab early 70s, good-vibes -the -road documentary. The magnificent Leon Russell leading the band and choir as they make Joe Cocker’s music soar.

Then a little Castle with the fabulous Nathan Fillion.

I swear we could be related. He looks like a relative. Any Mahoney in your extended clan, Nathan?

This morning I’m back to calling on the hands to perform small motor skills.

After my sewing today I am taking a vacation.

No scrubbing. No sewing. I’ll finish the Keith Richards biography and laze about.

Here is a picture of 70s Keith lounging behind out Christmas chilis.

Tha day has started quietly and the sun is out. I had homemade cherry scones for breakfast.

I’ve been making them with real butter and a bit of cream.

Bad but delicious. They look like big cookies because I just flop them on the cooking sheet. Drop scones.

I came across a big beautiful book on Laurel Canyon in the 70s yesterday as I browsed at Barnes and Noble. Man, have I got a theme going on.

It triggered teenage memories of wanderlust. How I wanted to get up the road to that place and mingle with the musicians. I still want to write some fiction set in that dream enhanced environment.

I think those images would help. Santa Claus? Bring me Laurel Canyon?

Holiday Cheer

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Things have been grooving along here at the DarcyArts arts shack.

I’ve been busy every day putting together chimps or squiddies.

It hasn’t been crazy but rather a pleasantly steady flow.

Visits from the kids will make this season even more warm and interesting.

Jessica was here last week.  Here she is on the upstairs porch of The Attic . it was a beautiful day.

We also made it over to one of the downtown antique collectives.

One of the best things about it was the giant martian blow man.

We both got good snaps of the green dude in action. Here are my shots.

Is it strange of me to consider this next shot a sort of 70s , wha chukka wha, sexy up the thigh shot?  What would Tom Ford think?

I heard designer, filmaker, Tom Ford on Fresh Air last week and liked him very much. I was amused at how much of a prude Terry Gross seemed about male nudity. Ford was amused, too, and asked her why she automatically read the male nude in question as sexual.

Their conversation was very interesting stuff on advertising and design and cultural aesthetics. Yummy.

I love Terry Gross and find that the pinball-like bells go off in my head every time an interviewee says

“That’s a good question, Terry.”  Of course it is.

Here is blow man in a Limbo stretch.