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Busy is a Good Thing

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My fingers are nicked and stabbed. My forearms achy from pulling stitches tight but I’ll sleep well tonight.

I’m finishing off my two latest chimps. These are slightly smaller versions. but they require all the handmade detail that make these chimps what they are.

I have to attach their legs and arms, sew hats and monogram them.

I put a little pink heart on the bottom of the left foot with my initials.


I will photograph these guys again when they are finished.

These chimp projects take alot of time and I should not charge so little for the work.

I’ll have to get real with my feelings of self-worth.

Dude, I deserve to pay myself more money.

Over here at the Hamilton Street homestead we are grooving on Udon noodle soup with miso and mushrooms and seaweed. Delicious and nutritious.

I’ve been making scones regularly. I want to be a scone maven. I am the future queen of white trash drop scones, made with sweetened evaporatedĀ  milk.

I put blackberries in the batch I made today. The seeds are cruddy but they are tasty otherwise.

I’ll try a more subtle flavor next time. Orange maybe.

Frank and I watch The Rolling Stones Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus last night. It was a very nice trip down memory lane.

Jethro Tull kicked ass. Taj Mahal and Jesse Edwin Davis kicked ass.

The Who slayed mighty dragons with a killer version of A Quick One While He’s Away. Dear, dear Pete.

Keith Richards looked good enough to eat. He obviously loved playing bass in the Dirty Mac with John Lennon, Eric “Whining Boy” Clapton, Mitch Mitchell.

If I could have any stuffed animal for my bedroom I’d have a life-sized Keith circa 1968.

Hmmm. There’s something to work on in my spare time.

My Keith dollĀ  has to be wearing the outfit from the Dirty Mac performance. Yumm.

So many ideas so little time.

Ah, well back to work.