Frosty 70s

The picnic table is covered in frost. Keith Richards is in repose with the Christmas chilis and I need to rest my hands.

Yesterday was a very busy day. So many little chores, scrubbing showers and bathtubs, a bit of shopping and the normal hours of stitching.

It all had my carpal tunnel in a hissy fit by evening time.

Frank and I watched Mad Dogs and Englishmen, a fab early 70s, good-vibes -the -road documentary. The magnificent Leon Russell leading the band and choir as they make Joe Cocker’s music soar.

Then a little Castle with the fabulous Nathan Fillion.

I swear we could be related. He looks like a relative. Any Mahoney in your extended clan, Nathan?

This morning I’m back to calling on the hands to perform small motor skills.

After my sewing today I am taking a vacation.

No scrubbing. No sewing. I’ll finish the Keith Richards biography and laze about.

Here is a picture of 70s Keith lounging behind out Christmas chilis.

Tha day has started quietly and the sun is out. I had homemade cherry scones for breakfast.

I’ve been making them with real butter and a bit of cream.

Bad but delicious. They look like big cookies because I just flop them on the cooking sheet. Drop scones.

I came across a big beautiful book on Laurel Canyon in the 70s yesterday as I browsed at Barnes and Noble. Man, have I got a theme going on.

It triggered teenage memories of wanderlust. How I wanted to get up the road to that place and mingle with the musicians. I still want to write some fiction set in that dream enhanced environment.

I think those images would help. Santa Claus? Bring me Laurel Canyon?

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