More Empathy and Less . . .

It’s New Year’s Eve. I love the passing of the old into the new. I love it even more when it has nothing to do with how drunk one gets, or how expectant of a rotten hangover one expects to be.

People! Feel your life. Dig down deep and charge your own engine. Enthusiasm is your birthright. Get it on!!

Love everything in the long run. Embrace each other and recognize the jewel in the heart of each of us. See the shining light strings that connect us one to the other all over the planet.

Expect that strange and amazing events will fill your days in 2010.

Peace, Health, Love, Welcome Challenges to all of you in the New Year!

Dear Lord, take Rush Limbaugh home to some other world. He’s done enough damage.

I’m going to find plenty in very little and be happy to have it.

Japanese miso soup, green tea, white trash scones with dried cherries, goat cheese slathered in cranberry bits, homemade chicken soup, the beautiful mountains that surround this valley, my great love Frank, my children Brian and Jessica, the people they love, and my granny and my sister and her family, all these are great blessings for which I am so thankful. What a world!

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