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Energy for the Bod

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Okay, I admit I was up waaay too early this morning but I’d had lots of sleep. The thing is we are falling asleep ridiculously early these cold, gray days. The bed is so warm and comfortable and it is where we watch TV. It just sucks you right into dreamland.

I figure I’ll be ahead of the game when we have to spring forward in April.

Listening to the radio is one of my greatest pleasure. I learn so many good things from NPR programs.

The People’s Pharmacy always seems a little odd to me but they give good info. I found out all sorts of good things about fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue today. I learned from Dr. Jacob Teitlebaum, about ribose and probiotics. It was cool.

I’m going to the health food store as soon as they open. I started the day with a fruit smoothy beefed up with a paste made of vegetable powder and spirulina. The ribose is supposed to help muscles. Yes.

I’m well on my way to finishing the custom dragon project.

I will finish it up today and tomorrow. The wings need stays sewn into them. The tail need’s to be stuffed and attached.

This morning’s picture of the head came out fuzzy.

He’s coming out a little bit of a bad-ass baby dragon. I think I’ll put a dart, a little fold in his tongue and claws on his feet.

He also needs a few fronds and flairs on the top of the head and cheeks.

He’ll look pretty good by tomorrow.

I had a strange/good idea this early a.m. involving big rug needles and shrunken doll heads.

Tune it later in the week for more.

Morning Sky, Glitter Buttons

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It was beautiful Thursday morning just before the sun was up.

The morning was bright and the break from the rain was much appreciated. The snow capped mountains, to the north, east and west, against the pinkish sky and clouds made the drive out the college a visual delight. The air was so fresh.

Though I swore I would not go to JoAnn’s and be tempted by products I don’t need I would up there yesterday to buy a bag of stuffing.

I found irresistible buttons with the tiniest bit of glitter at the outer edges. All buttons were half off. I bought them in pink and yellowish camel colors.

They will look great on future dolls.

The light was poor this morning when I took these photos. I like the fact that director John Waters is looking over the doll heads. See him on the candle in the window sill? He’s kind of tiny compared to the heads.

Girl and boy heads on my homemade chop- stick head holder are cheery even in the gray morning light.

Pink, Punky, Funky

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When the desire takes me I cannot resist. Inspired by a pair of really cool pink button eyes, I spent Wednesday morning putting together another doll head.

These buttons came from a pink coat I had originally found at the thrift store. I meant to use the coat as material for a hat. I may still do so some day.

This is my pink, punky shag girl.

I love her.

Joey Doll

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The sun is out and what a joy! It’s been days and days of wet gray weather. My eyes are grooving on it for details, too.

For my Joey Ramone doll there is only a head, so far, but each stitch of embroidery and each lock of hair was done with so much love.

Great big lovely lips stitched in a sweet pink, brown button eyes and lots of curly soft hair make up my Joey.

At first I thought I’d skip the glasses but I think I’ll try to recreate the amber tinted glasses that Joey always wore. Maybe.

This Joey Doll was inspired by the suggestion of Moises Domingo Rios de San Francisco. Check out his Thoughtwave blog.

I came across his comment while reading a couple of past posts while looking for something on my blog the other day.

I’m working on the big baby draik /dragon today. I have more time than usual as it is a long day at school for Frank.

I spent some time organizing the remainder of white canvas scraps I used to make the top of an apron for Frank’s printmaking class. Keepin’ it clean, jellybean.

The rest will be used for ghostly white dolls of some sort.

Possum Bones Tom Boy

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Thought I’d share my jar of possum bones with you this rainy Saturday.

Birds and other creatures had the possum carcase down to almost nothing when we found it near the river. A very large bird ambled reluctantly away from the scene when we arrived. It stared at us from it’s remove for quite a long time. It finally gave up and flew off.

I was feeling quite the tomboy soon after stumbling upon the possum corpse. I was outdoors, on the river and everything was washed in the soup of the elements.

I disconnected the head from the spine with Frank’s pocket knife. I never touched any part of  the carcase with my bare hands. I used sticks to hold it, to transport it up the river trail to the car and eventually to place it in the old boiling pot at home which has now become a outdoor ornament.

The tiny brain was still secure in the center of the skull until I removed it with a crochet hook. I guess all visiting bird beaks were too wide or too short to reach into the cavity and pluck it out.

The possum’s nose was firmly attached. It was made of tough rubbery material. It stayed on through the stewing process. I had to use an Exacto knife to sever the gooey connective tissue from the snout bone.

The skull fell into it’s distinct parts after boiling it for a long spell. The teeth stayed in.

I cleaned everything with bleach afterward and put the bones out to dry.

It was a very interesting experience, getting close to nature and learning just how squeamish I am.

The Soft Girls

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If you know and love Robyn Hitchcock then you are familiar with the name The Soft Boys.

I will call my rag dolls The Soft Girls.

I am rolling out one or two of my OOAK Art rag dolls today! That is January 22, 2010♥

See them at DarcyArts.

I’ve taken to categorizing them with food names by color schemes.

This blonde Soft Girl I’ve designated as a Sherbert.

Actually this doll is sort of an androgyne, middling on the boy/girl continuum.

I will be creating redheaded twins that are gender blenders.

The twins are The Darcys that were born in my imagination.

I will make them 3-D.

I had first envisioned, years ago now, rock dolls to be called the Soft Boys.

My earliest attempts to capture something in art, something that moved me, lead me to portraits. I’ve wanted to make simple cloth dolls way back in the early part of this century. It’s been a long time coming. I will get to the boys soon.

Joey Ramone will be a Soft Boy because a very cool person requested this months ago and because I love dear, departed Joey.♥

Wish me luck.

Good Vibes and New Books

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Lovely day. We must be in between rain storms. Only a few light spots of drizzle this morning in Redding.

After delivering Frank to school I stopped by Target to check out stacks of cubby hole boxes and drawers. I need to store my rag doll bits in plain sight so I can  more easily compose their elements.

After balking at the price per unit of the boxes I decided to use the heavy cardboard box that once surrounded our HDTV.  It can be cut into something to fit perfectly into the space I’ve reserved for the storage unit.

A trip to Ellis Art brought me this gift. Last time I scored a huge stash of moss green paper.

Yesterday I scored a small mountain of thick and beautiful pink paper. Used as packing material for art supplies, Ellis throws this stuff away. I have no qualms about asking if I may take it home. I will use it for some kind of art or I could cover the HDTV box shelf with it and have a cheery pink storage unit.

Today I start a custom dragon plush critter. It is actually a draik. I am told a Draik is a Neopet.  I think they are virtual internet pets. Cool.

An approximation of this little guy will be a lot of fun to see come into the 3-D world. It is a present for someone special, said the buyer. That makes it a double work of love.

I am so pleased when people entrust me with creating gifts. I want to join in the spreading of good vibes.

I have lots of work to do so it is time to get to it.

When I take a break I have two very new books to read.

I love psychedelic history and the tales, biographical and autobiographical, of musicians.

Funky Dark Day

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Rain is falling from the sky and soaking into the ground in many parts of California.

People attending the Golden Globes actually got wet and that was Los Angeles.

I am sort of digging the relative quiet and gray of this day. The wind is howling.

Frank has begun his  Spring semester and I will have hours to work, semi-alone. I have the freedom to watch things I like  — TV, films  — but I’m too focused on creating a body of rag doll work to let myself laze into visuals.

I should have seen this rag doll thing coming. When I find really unique dolls at the thrift store I buy them. They have to be really interesting.

These two are my favorite. I couldn’t leave them at the thrift store.

No one would love them as much as I do.

I gave this sweet couple the wooden chicken and a nest of birds. They make me happy and keep me company on my early morning, pre-light fake bike rides.

They don’t talk much.

I’m working the details on my rag dolls.

Chocolate cherry girl has a fine fuzzy pink skirt to cover her behind.

I gave her a bracelet, too.

I’m conflicted about shoes. They would just be little feet caps. I think I like them better barefoot.

After having already spent time today at the DMV I must now make a trip to Wal Mart.

This annoys me. People drive like meth-crazed hillbillies in that parking lot.

Cousin Dewayne says it’s okay.

Kohl Eyes

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I will list the rag dolls very soon at over at DarcyArts .

We have a storm blowing wet and fierce.The sheets of water on the patio are visible in this picture of my latest, kohl eyed, rag doll head. she’s a little Egyptian/Cleopatra/LizTaylor girl. I love her hair.

I made a little head rack with chop sticks and a board. My work spaces are tight so I needed a place to keep newly finished heads while I get their little bodies ready.

This is a good time start new things.  The moon will be in Aries soon and the desire to push ahead is growing. Jupiter has moved into my 10th house — reputation, public image, career. Jupiter brings good fortune or at least the encouragement to live the Sagittarian code  “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Each of the rag dolls will be a unique one of a kind, hand sewn creation.

I’ve collected such an abundance of materials that I can make them for days and days and try something new every time, keeping what works, incorporating the very best elements.

I have pledged to keep them simple.

This blue/moss green girl is Spirulina. She’ll be one of the first up at Etsy.

Doing the hair is fun. There are so many textures to explore.  I found two big balls of this blue fuzzy yarn.

One is darker than the other but this yarn is wonderful for hair.

I’m having so much fun!

Keith Richards Bio

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Finished the update Victor Bockris bio of Keith Richards last night. It was very good!

There was a tantalizing tidbit about how Keith hosted Johnny Depp in the early “oos to teach him Gram Parsons chord progressions for a film he was supposedly to film. What happened to that project? Anybody out there know? Was it just for a tribute concert, I wonder?

Anyway, good excuse to post a Keith, et al, Nellcote (sp?) photo