Rich in the New Year

Sunday Green Protein Smoothies.

They always make me think of my daughter Jess. She loves them.  I can now get granny to drink a large smoothie full of fruit and sea protein. I think it’s making her strong like Popeye.

Is Radio Lab on vacation or was it just bumped last weekend?

A cooking show has taken it’s place. Boo. I like cooking shows but less so on the radio where I can’t see the food.

Trying to decide if I like Lie to Me with Taurian Tim Roth. Love the name – Dr. Cal Lightman.

Tim Roth can be quite captivating. I haven’t decided if he is here. I have a native attraction to certain actors so I’ll keep checking it out.

I’ve only watched two episodes but it looks like Kelli William’s part  as Dr. Gillian Foster, is way under developed. She just types at a computer keyboard, echoes Lightman’s observations as they examine a face for signs of deceit or truthfulness. Most often she  stands around dressed as if she is going to a cocktail party looking concerned.

In our film-viewing orgy last week we caught The Blind Side. It is the story of football player Michael Oher.

If you want to get to me tell me the story of  a neglected, abandoned child. I was a wreck.

Poverty is violence. Abuse and  neglect warp the tender ones.


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