My first of my emergent rag dolls has been clothed. She’s looking sorta sweet-punky and a bit French. That old-style sailor aesthetic.

I am loving this new thing most especially because I can use the abundance of materials I have collected over the last year as I was finding my way through the crafty/etsy maze.

I am stoked to the 10th power.

I have cut pieces for rag dolls in many skinish shade, today even adding a nice turquoise blue.

Everyday leads to the discovery of some other material to incorporate but simplicity rules.

Today I sew the finished head of my chocolate doll onto her body. She already has a pink fuzzy skirt and polka dot shirt.

She looks a little like a Gumby chick here in her unjoined state. Her hair rocks.

I gave her heart eye backs.

Unless the material is uber stretchy I must put the blouse on before the head. We’ll see how that goes.

I am using vintage buttons for eyes because I like the look and because I found bags of them at Discovery Shop during one of their craft/sewing sales.

Really, this utilization of my mounds of stuff and other peoples mounds of discarded stuff just thrills me. I’m lit up like a Christmas tree. My new year is off to a fabulous start.

I’m making glitter glam rag dolls soon. I cut stars to fit behind the abalone button eyes. I’ll add glitter to her and if possible platform boots.  Bowie mullets are a must!♥♥♥

I make stamps out of eraser material and many of them are small. I decided to try a few on tiny T-shirts I’m making for the dolls.

This is an Edie Sedgewick stamp. I tried in on black and wasn’t happy with the visibility so I am going to outline it in red embroidery thread.

Yes! I am using the bags of embroidery thread I’ve nabbed at All Saints thrift store.

The mountain of yarn is great for hair and I’m sure I will happen on to the best and easiest way to create hair dos.

This is only a fraction of the yarn I bought (see the stamps in my printers box on the left).

I made a special trip to the Discovery Shop sale last year and dragged home two enormous bags full.

I am trying to curb my proclivity for consumption. Hey, I am recycling. If I don’t use what someone else didn’t use I can always list as supplies on Etsy but you’re looking at hair here.

I know that we all have dreams and that the thrift stores are filled with things that  crafty people didn’t live long enough to use, but, dude, I am burning with a desire to populate the world with rag dolls.

Bless me, beings of light, with the energy to see them safely in to the arms of somebody who will love them.


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