Rag Doll Days

Still thrilled to be assembling materials to make rag dolls. I am fickle but I think this one is going to stick.

My chocolate girl is dressed in a swinging fuzzy pink skirt and a polka dot shirt. I think I’ll make her pink Mary Janes.

I’m working on a body for a blonde vanilla girl that I started before the chocolate girl. Her head is done.

I also started work on the first of what will be glam or rave babies. The first pair of star eyes are on.

Recycles leeves and socks, in stretchy material, are being used for quick and easy shirts and skirts. I found some really great red glittery material this afternoon.

Combing the thrift stores is even sweeter when it’s part of your job.

It’s quite a welcome change from reporting. I am so thankful to be done with that work.

I’m free to think about color and texture all day.

Found tiny pinkish striped material for doll tights, too.

I’ve checked my overstuffed but very neat closets for materials. I found a sheer black blouse that will male a wonderful outfit for a sort of Victorian goth girl.

I will make boy dolls, too.

I can see a glam boy with a long coat of the new red glittery material. ♥


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