Water Spirit

The rag doll has a mossy green skin, blue button eyes, blue hair and a little pale pink button nose.

Frank said she looked Celtic and should be a water spirit.

She was  given a sheer wrap blouse with swirls to represent water. Her skirt is also made of sheer material and has flowing polka dot drops.

Her big eye lids are lined with iridescent glitter.  It  is not showing up in the close up photos, which I tried to snap as the camera battery died. But trust me, it looks very cool.

Part of me wants to let  new owners pick the name for their doll but another part is convinced that potential buyers enjoy a creation with an accompanying story.

I could call her Spirulina. It sounds beautiful and in smoothies tastes delicious.

I may do little ACEO doll portrait tags to go with each doll. It would be fun and allow me to draw and paint a bit.

I want to get these dolls to the people but since this is my new pet project I want to do it right. I have pledged in the new year that I will allow myself to do the work slowly and painstakingly with great attention to detail. At least that is my goal.


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