Kohl Eyes

I will list the rag dolls very soon at over at DarcyArts .

We have a storm blowing wet and fierce.The sheets of water on the patio are visible in this picture of my latest, kohl eyed, rag doll head. she’s a little Egyptian/Cleopatra/LizTaylor girl. I love her hair.

I made a little head rack with chop sticks and a board. My work spaces are tight so I needed a place to keep newly finished heads while I get their little bodies ready.

This is a good time start new things.  The moon will be in Aries soon and the desire to push ahead is growing. Jupiter has moved into my 10th house — reputation, public image, career. Jupiter brings good fortune or at least the encouragement to live the Sagittarian code  “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Each of the rag dolls will be a unique one of a kind, hand sewn creation.

I’ve collected such an abundance of materials that I can make them for days and days and try something new every time, keeping what works, incorporating the very best elements.

I have pledged to keep them simple.

This blue/moss green girl is Spirulina. She’ll be one of the first up at Etsy.

Doing the hair is fun. There are so many textures to explore.  I found two big balls of this blue fuzzy yarn.

One is darker than the other but this yarn is wonderful for hair.

I’m having so much fun!


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