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Funky Dark Day

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Rain is falling from the sky and soaking into the ground in many parts of California.

People attending the Golden Globes actually got wet and that was Los Angeles.

I am sort of digging the relative quiet and gray of this day. The wind is howling.

Frank has begun his  Spring semester and I will have hours to work, semi-alone. I have the freedom to watch things I like  — TV, films  — but I’m too focused on creating a body of rag doll work to let myself laze into visuals.

I should have seen this rag doll thing coming. When I find really unique dolls at the thrift store I buy them. They have to be really interesting.

These two are my favorite. I couldn’t leave them at the thrift store.

No one would love them as much as I do.

I gave this sweet couple the wooden chicken and a nest of birds. They make me happy and keep me company on my early morning, pre-light fake bike rides.

They don’t talk much.

I’m working the details on my rag dolls.

Chocolate cherry girl has a fine fuzzy pink skirt to cover her behind.

I gave her a bracelet, too.

I’m conflicted about shoes. They would just be little feet caps. I think I like them better barefoot.

After having already spent time today at the DMV I must now make a trip to Wal Mart.

This annoys me. People drive like meth-crazed hillbillies in that parking lot.

Cousin Dewayne says it’s okay.