Good Vibes and New Books

Lovely day. We must be in between rain storms. Only a few light spots of drizzle this morning in Redding.

After delivering Frank to school I stopped by Target to check out stacks of cubby hole boxes and drawers. I need to store my rag doll bits in plain sight so I can  more easily compose their elements.

After balking at the price per unit of the boxes I decided to use the heavy cardboard box that once surrounded our HDTV.  It can be cut into something to fit perfectly into the space I’ve reserved for the storage unit.

A trip to Ellis Art brought me this gift. Last time I scored a huge stash of moss green paper.

Yesterday I scored a small mountain of thick and beautiful pink paper. Used as packing material for art supplies, Ellis throws this stuff away. I have no qualms about asking if I may take it home. I will use it for some kind of art or I could cover the HDTV box shelf with it and have a cheery pink storage unit.

Today I start a custom dragon plush critter. It is actually a draik. I am told a Draik is a Neopet.  I think they are virtual internet pets. Cool.

An approximation of this little guy will be a lot of fun to see come into the 3-D world. It is a present for someone special, said the buyer. That makes it a double work of love.

I am so pleased when people entrust me with creating gifts. I want to join in the spreading of good vibes.

I have lots of work to do so it is time to get to it.

When I take a break I have two very new books to read.

I love psychedelic history and the tales, biographical and autobiographical, of musicians.


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