The Soft Girls

If you know and love Robyn Hitchcock then you are familiar with the name The Soft Boys.

I will call my rag dolls The Soft Girls.

I am rolling out one or two of my OOAK Art rag dolls today! That is January 22, 2010♥

See them at DarcyArts.

I’ve taken to categorizing them with food names by color schemes.

This blonde Soft Girl I’ve designated as a Sherbert.

Actually this doll is sort of an androgyne, middling on the boy/girl continuum.

I will be creating redheaded twins that are gender blenders.

The twins are The Darcys that were born in my imagination.

I will make them 3-D.

I had first envisioned, years ago now, rock dolls to be called the Soft Boys.

My earliest attempts to capture something in art, something that moved me, lead me to portraits. I’ve wanted to make simple cloth dolls way back in the early part of this century. It’s been a long time coming. I will get to the boys soon.

Joey Ramone will be a Soft Boy because a very cool person requested this months ago and because I love dear, departed Joey.♥

Wish me luck.

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