Possum Bones Tom Boy

Thought I’d share my jar of possum bones with you this rainy Saturday.

Birds and other creatures had the possum carcase down to almost nothing when we found it near the river. A very large bird ambled reluctantly away from the scene when we arrived. It stared at us from it’s remove for quite a long time. It finally gave up and flew off.

I was feeling quite the tomboy soon after stumbling upon the possum corpse. I was outdoors, on the river and everything was washed in the soup of the elements.

I disconnected the head from the spine with Frank’s pocket knife. I never touched any part of  the carcase with my bare hands. I used sticks to hold it, to transport it up the river trail to the car and eventually to place it in the old boiling pot at home which has now become a outdoor ornament.

The tiny brain was still secure in the center of the skull until I removed it with a crochet hook. I guess all visiting bird beaks were too wide or too short to reach into the cavity and pluck it out.

The possum’s nose was firmly attached. It was made of tough rubbery material. It stayed on through the stewing process. I had to use an Exacto knife to sever the gooey connective tissue from the snout bone.

The skull fell into it’s distinct parts after boiling it for a long spell. The teeth stayed in.

I cleaned everything with bleach afterward and put the bones out to dry.

It was a very interesting experience, getting close to nature and learning just how squeamish I am.


One Response to “Possum Bones Tom Boy”

  1. Those are some sharp frikkin teeth!

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