Joey Doll

The sun is out and what a joy! It’s been days and days of wet gray weather. My eyes are grooving on it for details, too.

For my Joey Ramone doll there is only a head, so far, but each stitch of embroidery and each lock of hair was done with so much love.

Great big lovely lips stitched in a sweet pink, brown button eyes and lots of curly soft hair make up my Joey.

At first I thought I’d skip the glasses but I think I’ll try to recreate the amber tinted glasses that Joey always wore. Maybe.

This Joey Doll was inspired by the suggestion of Moises Domingo Rios de San Francisco. Check out his Thoughtwave blog.

I came across his comment while reading a couple of past posts while looking for something on my blog the other day.

I’m working on the big baby draik /dragon today. I have more time than usual as it is a long day at school for Frank.

I spent some time organizing the remainder of white canvas scraps I used to make the top of an apron for Frank’s printmaking class. Keepin’ it clean, jellybean.

The rest will be used for ghostly white dolls of some sort.

One Response to “Joey Doll”

  1. Xcuse me, ma’am. You owe me a new computer. Mine exploded from the sheer aswesome of this post

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