February Vegetation

The sky continues to be mostly gray though the sun is peaking through on occasion.

I wanted to catch the tiny violets in the yard.

They came early in the rain. The purple violets came first. The white are new.

The parsley refuses to die, It was very hearty through very cold temps and is still green and growing.

I wish I liked parsley or knew of a recipe that would somehow use it’s taste yet transform it.

I thought I was buying cilantro. That’s what the tag in it’s tiny container said late last spring.

The catnip is going to stick around, too. I guess that means these herbs are perennials.

I just read that parsley is a biennial. Catnip, of the mint family, is a perennial. Yes! I had a very healthy crop my first season and stuffed over a dozen catnip squid toys with it. Buyers tell me the cats loved them.

The camillia bushes, which always remind me of a sort of dour 50s aesthetic even though they are pretty, bloom at completely different times of the year.

The bush that produced this flower is doing its thing all by itself. The buds seem to stay on the bush all year and then sort of pop put whenever. Strange.

I know nothing about horticulture.

Go listen to Jimmy Durante’s song, Vulture for Horticulture.


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