Still Raining, Still Dreaming

Watched The Hurt Locker last evening. I loved Jeremy Renner’s performance. Everyone was good. It was intense but worth watching.

I thought Anthony Mackie was great and he is my candidate for a convincing Jimi Hendrix in a fresh Hendrix biopic. The last one was a sad affair with horrible casting.

Frank and I have seen more Academy Award nominated films this year than we have in any previous year. The biz is lessening the time from theater to DVD. This is a cool thing for movie and awards season lovers.

It will be a long wait until March 7 but we still have a few films to watch until then. I will be rewatching Bright Star. Yummy, Jane Campion.

So many exciting projects and so little time! My next rag doll head will be a Frida Kahlo memorial.

I did some quick sketching last night. The dolls have very round faces, moon faces and I noticed in the Frida book she has a sketch of the moon with tears.

One could create a whole line of Frida dolls. She is a real force, still today and forever.

I like the idea of including a little stuffed item to tie onto the dolls wrist.

For Frida, maybe a moon or  a little calavera skull with a headdress of flowers.

I may try more of these but this time they will be made of muslin. I’ve learned it’s much easier to embroider than polyester fleece.

I have noticed polyester dulls scissors and needles dead fast.

Boo. How does one sharpen a scissor?

I added a heart with my Cinnamon girl.


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