Temporary Kitchen Redo

Company is coming! I feel so mature, in a good way.

I am meeting the girlfriend of my oldest child. I am excited and nervous and so so happy.

These two have a lot in common astrologically so I  imagine a blossoming future for them.

Their visit, they arrive today, required that I temporarily redo my kitchen work space and here is what I came up with:

There is limited space but at least we can all sit down and have coffee, tea and white trash scones in the morning.

I’ve stashed away much of my random fleece scrap bags, bundles of yarn and current, waiting to be done projects.

I woke today to a request for four catnip squid! They are very very much in demand by discerning cats and cat owners.

I will do a little work on my Frida Kahlo Soft Girl today if I have time.

Her head came out pretty well.

I think I have plenty of inspiration to try a few different Fridas.

I will make flowers for the top of this bandana braid wrap. I may add earrings, too. I found good material for a peasant blouse and skirt.

You’ll see. I’ll get to the clothing after the family time this weekend.

So many good things fill my life. Thanks be to the light.


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