Little Kid Happy Sweet Valentine

If you think back to how you felt as a child, assuming your parents were kind and had your best interest at heart, can you define what made you feel good about being alive?

It may not have been anything more than being happy to find ourselves greeted by sun, back in the world with another day to explore.

It probably wasn’t what we were going to buy, or what we were going to wear, though a really great pair of boots would have definitely been something to look forward to putting on.

I’m feeling very much like I am back there to that kid place. Stress free, ready to roll with the pleasures and bumps that life unfolds on my path. I’m doing what I love to do, making dolls and toy critters, and occasionally paintings of faces.

I am helping those I love navigate through their day, there when they need me. I am holding in my mind the knowledge that life is short and so sweet. I use the time I have well and I appreciate every minute I have to spend with my partner, someone who has always soothed my soul and made me feel as if I have a true friend in this journey.

We are making the time full and meaningful, rain or shine, and I think it’s only going to get richer.


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