Sunday Cinema

Off to the movies today to see Crazy Heart. Can’t wait to sink into Prime 11’s comfortable seats and enjoy the work of Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal. It will be interesting to see Colin Farrell, now that he’s grown up, and to experience the writing of Scott Cooper.

I have high hopes.

This will be a nice Valentine’s Day adventure.


DarcyArts  projects:  I’ve got my squids all sewn and ready to stuff.

I’ve refined the last batch of  homegrown catnip from last season’s garden.

We grew quite a crop in the bin garden and I’ve learned that catnip is a perennial. The plants are in a very slow phase through the coldish gray weather but come March I’ll bet they start to come on strong.

The usual herb selling outlets should have a fresh crop in by then, too. I replant my vacant containers with more catnip.

We’ll still have tomatoes, the delicious, prolific Early Girls, but I’m going to forget the other vegetables. We did get a few great cucumbers but I can use the garden space far more productively.

One thing that sounded great but was not useful was the chocolate mint. It too is still growing in the garden.

Wonder what would happen if I mixed a little in with the catnip.

Seems like I’m always experimenting.


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