Frida Kahlo Head

Back to work on my Frida doll.   I made purple and tomato red flowers for the top of her braid wrap and these are a pair of earrings I will give her once I’ve sewn her head to her body.

The purple does not show up well in this photo. Maybe I’ll replace them with pale pink roses.

I really like the purple with the maroon cloth over the braids.

We’ll see if I can get a better photo in some natural light.

Can’t wait to watch the second installation of Dr. Henry Louis Gates’ Faces of America on PBS tonight at 8 p.m.

We find out about the genetic makeup of more celebs. This will be a good one with Stephen Colbert and Eva Longoria, I think.

I love the fact that Dr. Gates is teaching people that one cannot make assumptions about race with any accuracy. Longoria’s family have been in America since the 1500’s.

I am always reminding people that California used to be Mexico not that long ago.

My mother’s family stretches back over  six generations of Santa Barbara history. Spanish and French Bourbons are my ancestors as well as the Chumash people and that goes back beyond measurement.

Claiming the tag “native” can take you way back.


4 Responses to “Frida Kahlo Head”

  1. The Frida Doll is looking wonderful!

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