Spring Flirts

The sunny warm weather will leave us today. The clouds are gathering. The happy pinwheel I bought yesterday will get soaked by rain.

These four large birds were hanging out in a tree not far from our yard.

We are two doors from the river so I guess the turkey buzzards were taking a break from their morning hunt.

They are so much bigger than they appear in this picture.

It took me a minute to remember to hit the zoom focus.

Tuesday, I just had to get out in the bucket garden and take a look at what was going on.

I had discovered that catnip, cat mint, is a perennial. It’s growing in and will provide a new crop for the DarcyArts catnip squid.

I think kitties can smell the fresh catnip from a long way off. Happy customers claim their cats are on the squid before it’s even out of the box.

The plants are coming back to life in the big old bins.

Rain is on the way. Hope the storms don’t throw any hail down.

I will work on two really cute ninja squid this morning. I’ve given them rhinestone eye sparkles. The idea is my sons.

He thought my pink and black squid looked like a ninja.

The squids I made yesterday are pink with black masks. I’ll ask him if they look like ninjas. They don’t have a black body suit just a mask. I’ll post pix here Saturday.

Frida head gets a body today . Also earrings and clothes. Time to get busy.


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